Spicy Shrimp Tacos

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low carb shrimp tacos

"Spicy Shrimp Tacos with slaw, over some low-carb spicy jalapeño flatbreads. Came out delicious! And super easy. Here’s how I made it: 1. Used spicy jalapeño cauliflower flatbreads as the base. These are super low carb and a solid vessel for the goods! I use the pan to heat them up on both sides. You can always follow directions as is. . 2. For the shrimp, I pat the raw wild shrimp dry with a paper towel then tossed them with some pink Himalayan salt, ground pepper, smoked paprika, smoked chili, and garlic powder. You can get creative and use whatever spices you want. Cook for about a minute on each side in some avocado or olive oil. Don’t overcook as it becomes rubbery. . 3. For the slaw, I used some shredded red and white cabbage, lettuce, thinly sliced carrots, threw them in a bowl, tossed in some finely diced pickles, added some avocado mayo, sea salt, pepper, and lime juice. You could use lemon or vinegar too if you prefer. Give it a good mix. Taste, and add whatever more of anything you like to your desire. . Pile them high on the flatbreads, add some sliced lime wedges, and you’re in business!"

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