Cali Eggs Benedict


1 Cali’flour Crust or Flatbread
Canadian Bacon or slices of ham
1 tomato sliced
Poached or fried egg
Hollandaise sauce
Fresh herbs (chives) chopped

Cali Eggs Benedict

Prepare Cali’flour Crust Rounds

Preheat oven to 375-400º. Cut Cali’flour Crust into 3-4” rounds or use flatbread. Place on vented pizza pan or screen in a single layer. Bake 12-14 minutes until crisp. Remove from oven and let rest to set.

Assemble Egg Benedicts

Warm ham. Begin assembly on a serving plate with one Cali’flour Crust round or Flatbread. Next, add ham then another round followed by egg and a drizzle of hollandaise sauce. Garnish with fresh chives. Serve and enjoy!

*Optional: Get creative and add avocado slices and/or steamed spinach or zucchini.

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