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Keep Calm, you have 7 weeks till Christmas

Keep Calm, you have 7 weeks till Christmas!

Halloween is over. And before you know it the Christmas tree will be ready for decorations! Have you thought about what you will do for the holidays? My kids woke up this morning and said “Halloween is over! It’s time to get ready for Christmas!” I could not believe my ears. How quickly they move on from shouting trick or treat and gobbling down candy to talking about Christmas. I began thinking about our plans this year. I am excited about Christmas and the adventures we will have. Then I began to think about my Christmases past. The sadness of loved ones who are no longer here to celebrate with us and the joy of all the memories I hold dear.

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The holiday season is quickly approaching, and with it will come the stirring of many different emotions. Some will be good, and I hope most are for you. But others will be not so good. Regardless of how the holidays have treated us before, the intention remains the same.


You will probably hear this in and out all season long, but what you may not hear about is how to be grateful in times of hardship.

Sure, for a lot of us, Thanksgiving will be warm and fuzzy. I think of clove and nutmeg, pumpkin spiced everything. But for some of us, it will be a little more complicated.

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What's in Your Pizza?

If you’re counting calories, the chances are unlikely you’ll count them on a regular slice of pizza. Not because there’s nothing to worry about, but because you know, deep down, there’s no point. Perhaps you don’t want to know. Just as much as you’d rather not hear the ingredients of a hot dog or bologna.  
We get it. There’s no bliss like pizza calorie ignorance.

This blog may ruin that bliss for you, but we promise to make up for it. Spoiler alert ahead: We’re going to tell you all about the “nutritional facts” in a regular pizza. That bliss is getting pulled out like a bad tooth.
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Nutrition for Kids

Nutrition for Kids

When it comes to kids health and nutrition, we sometimes assume that it will be different than an adult’s. After all, kids are still growing so they must need more calcium and multivitamins, right?

A safe and logical assumption, indeed. But the truth is that they need the same kind of nutrition you do. Which makes it easy, because you can figure that a child can eat the same balanced meal that you’re eating. Same dinner, same veggies, etc.

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Putting the "C" in Cauliflower

It’s no surprise the benefits of cauliflower can be lengthy. Just one look at this veggie and you can tell it’s closely related to the infamous broccoli family, which has been well understood as a potent cruciferous. Like it’s cousin, cauliflower is dense with a whole alphabet of vitamins and nutrients.

Most notably is the Vitamin C content. Making up an impressive 73%, Vitamin C tops the chart (literally, see this whfoods source) and provides 54 milligrams of it per cup.

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