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Why Low Carb is Important

When we start a diet, we are starting at the end result of a long chain of research, experience, and experimentation. Food isn’t simply good or bad. Most presentations of the “ideal” way to eat had a long road to get there. Because we follow the low-carb method, we felt it was important to take a few steps back and show a small example of why the low-carb diet does what it does.

Many people have certain health complications that can be reversed or improved by following a low-carb diet. This includes diabetes, some cancers, and even autism.

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The Low Carb Diet

Eating low-carb is quickly becoming popular, for a few good reasons. We’ve come to a place in society where we realize that maintaining weight needs to be more than just keeping off the fat. It also needs to be healthy in the long term, achievable in the here-and-now, and preferably gratifying. If you’re looking for a change up in dietary lifestyle and feel that all these points are necessary, then you’re looking for low-carb.

Food is made up of three macronutrients: Fat, Protein, and Carbohydrates. Logically, then, a low-carb diet would mean that your food would consist of mostly fats and proteins. Of course, you no longer have to sacrifice the pleasure of eating carb like meals when you have companies (ahem, Cali’flour…) that do things like produce low-carb pizza crusts!

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Is Activated Charcoal for Food Poisoning Safe?

You’ve likely heard of or experienced using charcoal for poisoning, but did you know you don’t have to go to the hospital for it? This little remedy is becoming quite the common go-to for many a tummy ache. 

Back in the day, when your kid would sneak into the kitchen cupboard and drink a bottle of cleaner, it wasn’t uncommon to make a run to the hospital for a charcoal flush. Now you can find activated charcoal in capsule form at your local grocery store. Not a bad thing to have on hand! Read more for a few great uses for activated charcoal.

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What is Bio-available Anyway?

We’ve used the term bioavailable before, and while it seems pretty self-explanatory, it might still beg the question - what exactly is that? Since it’s not such a black and white concept, we thought it would be a good idea to have a quick conversation about it so that we’re all on the same page. Let’s get started!

First, what is bioavailable? Bio = life, which means you. Your body. Your physiological functions. Bioavailable is simply understood as anything that is available to your body.

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5 Food Trends Worth Talking About

Food is never going to get old, it seems. Alas, we cannot live without it! But what foods are good? And why are certain foods getting popular? We’ve put together an extended list of up and coming foods that are hitting the scene in a big way as a longer supplement to our previous article.


Bone Broth

If you’ve ever clicked on anything Paleo in your net surfing, you’ve probably alerted Google which then released a deluge of bone broth ads to fill your screens. This stuff is a big deal right now, and since it’s Paleo (which is still one of the most popular diets in the U.S. today) it’s getting quite the highlight. Why the resurgence?

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