Weekly Slice: Quarantine Chronicles Continue

Working from home and homeschooling are the new norm for the majority of the country. We know that finding a routine that works for you and loved ones can be a challenge during quarantine, but we're hoping our humble little newsletter can help! 

We've got at-home workout tips, recipes and more in this week's edition of The Weekly Slice. Do you have other ideas or tips? Send 'em our way. Until next week, stay safe and healthy!

Keto Lifestyle

Keto Options at Chick Fil A 

Most sit down restaurants are closed, but going to the Chick-Fil-A drive through can get you out of the house. Even better, stay on keto while you're doing it. Here's a list of keto-friendly breakfast lunch and dinner options to choose from! 

The Best Keto Snacks to Buy Online For 2020

Looking to mix up your usual keto snacks like avocados or hardboiled eggs? Keep keto interesting with this list of tasty snacks you don't have to go to the grocery store to buy. From cookies to cereal and rotisserie chicken chips, these options will keep you satisfied.  

'By Combining Keto And A Low-Carb Diet, I Was Able To Lower My Blood Pressure—And Lose 155 Lbs.'

"My name is Nance Mendoza. I am 49 years old. When my near 400-pound weight started giving me serious health problems, I committed to my weight-loss journey, went low-carb and keto, and lost over 150 pounds." Read more about Nance's incredible transformation story in this article! 

Health & Wellness

How to Strengthen Your Immunity to Coronavirus 

Contrary to some of the claims being made online, there is no one magic food or pill that will boost your immune system to protect you against COVID19. However, there are ways to keep your immune system running at its best. Learn how by reading this article! 

 Free Quarantine Workouts You Need to Try

With most studios and gyms closing, more and more people are faced with the challenge of turning their living room into a workout space. Working out at home used to be a boring challenge, but this could be an opportunity to try a new class or workout from one of the many companies now offering FREE trials. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites.

Low Carb Eating

6 Tips For Low-Carb COVID-19 Preparedness

With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading, many regions are implementing travel bans and quarantines. Groups of people are self quarantining for two weeks to help prevent further spread. Diet Doctor helps break down 6 recommendations to be prepared, including health tips and which low-carb foods to stock up on. 

Visual Low Carb Guides

Sometimes looking at pictures of which foods and drinks you can eat on a low carb diet is easier than reading about them. "Which vegetables are best on a low-carb diet, can you have berries and which nuts have the fewest carbs? What should I choose to drink at a party? Check out our visual guides to low carb, which can help you make better choices!"


7 Ways to Use Flatbreads

With only 3g net carbs and 50 calories, Cali'flour flatbreads are the perfect substitute for bread, tortillas and more! Here are 7 creative ways to cook with our flatbreads.

Keto Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread

With a golden brown, crisp exterior and a warm, moist interior this is the perfect low carb breakfast or dessert without sacrificing any of the experience!

 Keto PB&J Microwave Mug Cake

This tasty treat is easy to make and only takes 5 minutes to whip up!  

15 Filling Low-Carb Plant-Based Recipes

A low-carb diet and a plant-based diet aren't mutually exclusive! Check out this list of 15 recipes that are both plant-based and low-carb.

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