Victor is down 100lbs

We love hearing your transformations stories! Victor has lost over 100lbs. regularly including our pizza crusts in his healthy habits! Read more about his story below! 

My name is Victor and I have been on a journey to lose weight and maintain my health to make it my new normal. I have lost over 100lbs over the last year by changing my food choices to low carb and low sugar options. I have also added a lot of Plant-Based foods into my lifestyle and these changes mixed with consistent exercise has given me the results I have been working hard to achieve. Cali’flour Foods crusts have come in handy so many times throughout my journey, their low-carb and plant-based crusts are just the touch I needed to stay on track.

I was first introduced to the Cali’flour Foods products by my health coach. He recommended them to me as an alternative to my favorite pizza, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I have been on the journey of maintaining my weight loss and health for around four months. I even became a Certified Health Coach to help others in need of regaining their hopes for better nutrition and a better lifestyle. I love being able to help my clients daily and remind them that success comes one day at a time, and consistency will eventually become a habit, which leads to a healthier lifestyle. 

Fortunately, I was able to turn around my lifestyle before I ran into any major health problems, but I noticed that I have so much more energy everyday! I’ve even convinced my wife to join me on my journey and together we love to enjoy our favorite pizza, guilt free! We love the Jalapeño crusts with pesto, mozzarella, and spinach, yum.


Grab either a Traditional or Plant-Based crust today to try Victor's favorite recipe!

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