Up and Coming Super Foods

Movie time and pizza are one of the greatest traditions of all time. The correlation between food and entertainment is vast and varied, and we believe we’ve found a new one.

Every month it seems there is a new movie out on some new superhero. They’ve been around in the comics for years, but now that they’ve hit the big screen, they’re the talk of the net. Sounds like food!

So what are these new superfoods? Resist the urge to compose a theme song, and just stick with the drumroll, please…


Hitting the well-deserved spotlight, vegetables, in general, are getting a lot more attention this year. It comes as no surprise, as fast food joints are seeing all-time lows, the inherent suggestion is that people are looking for a healthier meal. Of course, it’s common knowledge that veggies are just about the best thing to turn to for increasing the degree of “health” in a meal.


What would a blog about predictions be without a controversial ingredient? Fat has long been villainized throughout the last few decades and anyone who’s lived longer than the last, oh say one to two years, knows a thing or two about the low-fat diet trends.

Last year we saw a huge uptick in the attention given to healthy fats and despite “new” science coming out against fat recently, the train just keeps on going. Just a few weeks ago, the American Heart Association (AHA) came out with repurposed “science” from the 60’s saying that butter and coconut oil were bad for you in large quantities. However, this advice is going largely ignored thanks to more recent studies that prove otherwise. We predict it will only increase, as people are already seeing the benefits of adding good quality fat to the diet. Last year it was a novelty, but this year it may just be a staple.

Cassava Root

This is our own personal prediction, based on watching the gluten-free trend grow and develop in many different, interesting ways. Going gluten, or wheat free is often considered a healthy thing to do (healthy being the driving force behind most food trends) but the problem is, people still want cake and tacos. Who can blame them? 

Enter thus, the Cassava root. A simple wheat free plant that looks like an ugly potato and can be ground into a fine flour. It’s the closest of all gluten and grain free flours to real wheat flour and in fact, even somewhat smells like regular wheat flour. But not to worry if you’re curious, it is nothing like wheat and perfectly gluten-free! Because it is so similar to regular flour though, we believe it will soon replace all the other GF flours that aren’t so… wheat like. In other words, cakes and tacos. Enough said.

Cast Iron

Okay, it’s not food but it’s related. With all the hullabaloo over ditching Teflon cookware because of the PFC’s and Teflon Flu and many other unknown scary things, people have been on the hunt for good replacements. One of the biggest trends to take advantage of this switch was ceramic coated pans. Unfortunately, these are just not practical and break down very quickly, defeating the purpose of switching from Teflon. 

Ceramic is quickly fading because of the above-mentioned issue and being replaced with more old school methods, namely cast iron.

People are realizing more and more that cast iron is worth the work it takes to season or cure in order to be used properly. Foodies especially are taking to this challenge, since the process is rewarding and gives your food a fantastic flavor unsurpassable by Teflon or ceramic - and dare we even say stainless steel?

These are all merely predictions, and like all the predictions before, they could be off. Hopefully, they will come to fruition, as we believe that all of the above movements noted are healthy changes for the masses. Time will tell!


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