Type 2 Diabetes and the Low Carb Diet

Diabetes can be a challenging condition. What’s particularly difficult is when your child has it. As parents, the last thing we want is to see our children having to deal with any sort of complications and we do our best to create the most supportive and helpful atmosphere. 

In recent days, society has seen an uptick in Type 2 Diabetes in children. The reasons for this vary, but what’s important is how we address it. 

Often times, Type 2 Diabetes can be helped significantly with diet and exercise. Type 2 is a result of an elevated blood sugar level, which is why it’s more easily affected by diet.

Let’s take a quick trip back to the idea of a low-carb diet. Your body can perform using two different types of “fuel” which is sugar, and fat. This fuel is transported through the blood in the form of glucose or ketones, respectively. When you have type 2 diabetes, that means you have an excess of blood sugar. Where does that come from? Generally, it comes from the choice of food. What kind of food? The kind that either is sugar, or breaks down into sugar rapidly. 

If you’ve been following our posts recently, we’ve actually talked quite a bit about the low-carb – or ketogenic diet. This approach to food has been shown to decrease blood glucose levels in addition to decreasing the amount of body fat, which are two major factors to consider when discussing diabetes.

We want to encourage you to talk with your doctor about the low-carb diet and how it might help with you or your children. Here at Cali’flour, we really do believe in the old adage that “food is medicine” and our hope is to point you in the right direction! However, even though we source our information with reputable articles, we have to inform you that the statements we make have not been evaluated by the FDA and do not substitute as professional medical advice. Please ask your doctor before you make any changes in you or your children’s diets. We hope this helps!

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