The Low Carb Diet

Eating low-carb is quickly becoming popular, for a few good reasons. We’ve come to a place in society where we realize that maintaining weight needs to be more than just keeping off the fat. It also needs to be healthy in the long term, achievable in the here-and-now, and preferably gratifying. If you’re looking for a change up in dietary lifestyle and feel that all these points are necessary, then you’re looking for low-carb.

Food is made up of three macronutrients: Fat, Protein, and Carbohydrates. Logically, then, a low-carb diet would mean that your food would consist of mostly fats and proteins. Of course, you no longer have to sacrifice the pleasure of eating carb like meals when you have companies (ahem, Cali’flour…) that do things like produce low-carb pizza crusts!

Cauliflower has nearly no carbs, which is why it’s such a great addition to the low-carb approach. The trick with cauliflower is that is also is packed with tons of nutrients so it’s not like the typical gluten-free comfort food product where you’re eliminating one bad ingredient but replacing it with a bunch of other equally poor ones. Many prepackaged products that claim a certain health goal have done just that. Instead of gluten in your gluten free cookies, it’s a myriad of starches. That’s fine, for a treat, but what’s better is a comfort food product that is also really good for you.

What are the benefits of eating low-carb? The list is plenty, but here’s a quick snapshot:

Fat loss
Cognitive increase
Lower risk for Type 2 Diabetes
Craving reduction
Less acne
Less heartburn

As long as your diet is low-carb, these results are maintained. That’s the difference with the other diet fads. They simply don’t last. Going low-carb doesn’t kill your joy of food, is easy to maintain for the long run, and puts your body in a state of higher performance.

The low-carb diet in general does mean more cooking, since you can’t just whip up a sandwich or microwave a burrito. That’s why it’s great to have quick and easy solutions like our Italian and Sweet Red Pepper crusts that will keep you in that coveted state of ketosis without keeping you in the kitchen for long.

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