The Healthiest Pizza in the WORLD?

The Healthiest Pizza Crust in The World?

In the US, the pizza industry is a 45 billion dollar business.  The diet industry is a 80 billion dollar business.  It’s no wonder the number one “cheat meal” of dieters all across America guessed it - pizza!  It’s also no coincidence that when it comes to pizza crust alternatives - there is no shortage of options.  Looking for a gluten free crust?  There are a ton.  A crust with veggies in it?  Several.  A low-carb pizza crust?  A few.  A pizza crust alternative that actually appeals to your taste buds?  I suppose that one is subjective.

Enter Cali’flour Foods cauliflower pizza crust.  The healthiest pizza crust in America? I would say so, but read on and you can make that decision for yourself.

Now...I know what you are thinking.  “You are an employee for Cali’flour Foods and you are writing and article about your company’s product...of course you are going to say yours is the best.”  And you would be right, I am.  However, this article is not based off of my opinion, it’s based off of facts.  While I am passionate about our pizza crusts, I am also a former yo-yo dieter, a lover of food, and a former nutrition consultant/coach.  

We are living in a time now where it has becoming “trendy” to eat healthy.  While this is overall a great place to be for our country - there is a side-effect issue that is rising that I’d like to bring to light.

People need to be educated on how to choose the right foods for their individual dietary needs.  With health food on the rise, we are seeing more and more products entering the market that are catering to the demands of consumers.  People want to eat healthy without feeling deprived.  They are demanding good tasting healthy alternatives to their favorite “unhealthy” foods.  While we LOVE that there are more and more healthy options available for people to purchase - it’s important to note that what looks healthy on the outside (aka marketing), isn’t always reflected on the inside (ingredients and nutritional value).  Since this article is about pizza crusts, I’ll give you an example.  Here is a chart highlighting the differences between our pizza crusts and a few other cauliflower crusts on the market.



In full transparency, we created this chart.  Not because we want to brag about our how awesome our nutritional profile is (even though it is legitimately incredible) - but because we felt like we need to educate people.  We have a thriving social media community and we were seeing dozens of people excitedly share with us daily that they bought a cauliflower pizza crust to incorporate in their low-carb diet...but it wasn’t our product they were sharing with us.  

People simply don’t always read nutrition labels - and some assume that because ours is low in carbohydrates - then all cauliflower crusts must be too.  As you can see from the chart - that is definitely not the case.  We are hoping by educating people on our differentiating factors, they will in turn be more cognizant on reading all nutritional labels.  Just because a product may seem healthier, that doesn’t mean it fits into your specific dietary desires or needs.  

 When it comes to pizza crusts, It’s not so easy to find an option that can deliver each of the following:

Low Carb
High protein
Minimal Ingredient

 It’s even harder to find a pizza crust if you fit into one of these categories:

People with Diabetes
Those who suffer from autoimmune diseases
People with a gluten intolerance (celiac or otherwise)
People who want to be able to pronounce the ingredient list in their food
Those looking for a plant based (vegan) crust

Unless of course, you are Cali’flour Foods.  Now this is the part where I’m going to brag.  Not only can we check each of those boxes - our crusts taste incredible.  You don’t have to believe me on this one - ask any one of our half a million followers or customers.  We are the highest reviewed crust on the market - and that speaks volumes beyond what I can say to you.  

So, are we the healthiest pizza crust in America?  I dare to say we may just be the healthiest in the world.  If you haven’t had our crusts yet - we’d love to give you an incentive to try.  For a limited time, we are offering free shipping storewide on every single one of our bundles.   Join our Cali’flour Family and you can enjoy pizza night - without the pizza hangover.

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