The Future Is Frozen

The New Year is fast approaching and Cali’flour Foods is making it easier for you to achieve all your health goals. Starting 12/26, we’re kicking off a campaign called #TheFutureIsFrozen. It’s 6 days of amazing giveaways including a $100 Walmart gift card, a Breville oven, Cali'flour products and more! You'll have to follow us on social each day to enter, but we're revealing all the goods below. Here's how it works: 

1. Each day at 12:00am MST a new contest will go live.

2. You'll have 24 hours to enter to win.

3. We'll select the winner the next morning.

It's that simple! 

Below, we've compiled a list and links to each contest. But, again... nothing is live until the day of the giveaway so you'll have to check back in if you're hoping to enter for something specific. 

Good luck!



stock the freezer

Start getting ready for your 2021 goals now! Three (3) lucky winners will win a Variety Pack of our keto-friendly frozen Entrées (2 of each flavor)! 

  • Variety Pack of Keto Entrées ($100)


get your grocery on walmart gift card

We’re making it even easier for you to jumpstart your 2020 health goals. Grab our frozen Entrées or a Variety Pack of our Traditional Crusts and a $100 Walmart gift card to stock the fridge with your favorite healthy foods! 

  • $100 gift card to Walmart
  • 8 pack of entrees or crusts! 


eat more pizza give away

Pizza lovers, rejoice! You can now eat your favorite comfort food every day of the week! This giveaway has all the tools you need for a guilt-free pizza party, including the oven to cook them in! Here's what you'll win: Breville oven ($200), 6 pack of our pepperoni pizzas ($70), pizza cutter and oven mitts. 

  • 6 Pack Cali'flour Foods Pizzas ($70)
  • Breville Oven ($200)
  • Vented Pizza Pan ($20)
  • Pizza Cutter


perfect fit lulu lemon giveaway

Sometimes getting dressed is half the battle. We’re hoping this giveaway makes it easier for you to look and feel good during your next workout. Grab a $200 Lululemon Gift Card so you’re ready to hit it hard for January!  


Keto your way giveaway

Keto can be a challenge, but we’re hoping we can help make your diet a success with this giveaway. Win our keto friendly crusts and flatbreads plus a vented pizza, pizza cutter and our Cali'flour Kitchen Cookbook! 

  • Cali'flour Foods Flatbreads ($39)
  • Cali'four Foods Crusts ($40)
  • Vented Pizza Pan ($20)
  • Cali'flour Foods Cookbook 
  • Pizza Cutter


whole foods pizza night

We're giving one lucky winner everything they need to get all the supplies for a pizza night at home. You'll win a 3 pack of our crusts and a $100 dollar gift card to Whole Foods Market to buy all your favorite toppings and drinks! 

  • 3 pack of Cali'flour Crusts ($38)
  • Whole Foods Gift Card ($100)

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    • I love this and my grandchildren will eat without knowing it
      Thanks so much

      Debra Taylor on
    • this is exciting

      susie e branham on
    • So excited 😆 to taste this incredible crust!

      Patricia Lombardi on
    • Cauli’flour foods! I recommend you to everyone I know! THANK YOUUUUU for changing your box!
      I am a Cauli’flour pro and diehard and have almost picked up the wrong box! I am not sure who was first but can assure you that I only want YOUR brand!!
      Now you are much easier for my friends to locate!!

      Dee Dee Asten on

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