The Essentials: Sulfur

The Essentials: Sulfur


You open your fridge, and it hits you. Literally. With a wave of atomic sized attacks on your nostrils, you make a distinct connection.

What is that? The smell? Is it absolutely necessary for cruciferous to smell like that?

It may be obnoxious, but that smell, believe it or not, is good for you. Not necessarily a pleasing aroma, but it’s now the effect of a pertinent (or dare we say, essential) nutrient that is slowly spiraling into expiration. While you may not want to eat it at the point of spongy, blackened florets and air refresher status, last week would have been a great time.

Surprisingly enough, sulfur is an essential nutrient. Dr. Mercola calls it the “forgotten mineral” due to its off-putting nature that is often more pronounced than its benefits. However, this offensive nutrient is still a nutrient, and has some amazing qualities.

Sulfur is an antioxidant, which means it also acts as a detoxifier. Some have used it as a supplement to relieve migraines and even back pain, due to its anti-inflammatory effects. It contributes to skin and hair health, giving a radiant complexion and strong, glossy hair. Energy increases due to sulfur contributing to the absorption of other nutrients, making your bones more flexible and providing your muscles with a quicker recovery from use.

When you smell the sulfur, it’s a sign that the vegetable cells are breaking down, thus releasing that unique smell into the air. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but perhaps unpleasant depending on the degree of break down. Smelling the sulfur is by no means an expiration date. So breath in deep, that’s the good stuff! And perhaps, open a window too.

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