The Essentials: Folate

The Essentials: Folate



Otherwise known as vitamin B9, folate is an essential you may have some vague awareness of. While it is connected to folic acid, the popular prenatal nutrient, it isn’t quite the same. However, the connection is relevant.

Folic acid has the ability to convert to folate, and as a side note, the supplement should be treated with care, but that’s a different story. Once converted to folate, the properties become awesomely clear as to why it’s important to fetal development. Folate is pivotal in DNA repair and synthesis, something pretty important for fetal development!

However, it’s not just DNA that folate affects. Folate also normalizes cholesterol, improves colon health, and contributes to neural health.

The fascinating support paradigm here is the contribution to neural health. How does that work? A deficiency in folate can cause mental symptoms (depression being a prominent sign of folate deficiency) as well as anemia, cancer, IBS, and many more. But the trick is not just in folate, but a combination of folate and vitamin B12. In fact, it can be dangerous to have too much folate without B12 to support it. Unfortunately, cauliflower does not contain this pertinent sidekick.

 But not to worry! We’ve got you covered. Even through the simplicity of the ingredients used for Cali’flour crusts, there’s a wonderfully complex world of perfectly paired nutrient sources. Egg happens to be a supreme source of vitamin B12, and also happens to be a key ingredient in our original crusts. It’s like you’re taking a multivitamin by eating pizza. Amazing is one way to describe it.

We also have a plant-based crust, which begs the question: Where is the B12? Admittedly, it’s a bit more difficult to include this vitamin for a plant-based product but you’ll be glad to know that B12 is in almond flour and nutritional yeast, both important ingredients for our plant-based crust! Top this pizza with some porcini or oyster mushrooms and you’re well on your way to a great balance.

Next up, we’re going to talk about that obnoxious smell that anyone who’s had cauliflower knows all too well, but mostly, why it’s actually a good thing.

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