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Thanksgiving Tradition!

Thanksgiving Tradition!


Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and many of us are so excited to jump right to Christmas that we might overlook some of the important details of the in-between holiday. With that in mind, we wanted to challenge you to take some time to reminisce on Thanksgiving’s past. Life is so busy with the quickness of new technologies that instigate a need for now that it’s entirely possible we skip right through Turkey Day and forget why we did anything at all. 

What is Thanksgiving?

What traditions do you celebrate?

Every family has their own unique tradition, but let’s stop and really plan those traditions out again before we find ourselves rushing into activities at the last minute. 


Let’s set the stage. Preparation is key, and it’s important to make sure we have the right mindset and the right decorations to keep spirits joyful and continue those cherished traditions.
You may want to inundate the house with cornucopia and squash, as you should. Live it up and splash the house with orange and brown to your heart's desire. 
Getting a game of football together? Start digging out the equipment now, you never know where it actually ended up. 
Someone will want to make a toast, right? It only seems natural. Be sure to set it up. You can either get out the china or invest in some low-stress plastic wine glasses. 
Who gets to cut the turkey? This may be an important choice. Perhaps there is someone in the family who has had a successful year and should commemorate. Or maybe someone has had a particularly rough year and would benefit from the honor. You’ll know who’s right if you think about it. 
Some families really get into games. Other traditions have the kids do something special, like serve dessert, perform a skit, or create a craft to hand out to all the guests. 
Ultimately, Thanksgiving is exactly what it says. Maybe this year we need to make a new tradition that goes beyond the scope of entertainment and focuses on ways to be grateful. 
What are your thoughts? What traditions would you like to start? These are only a few of the common traditions. We’d love to hear about your traditions! Please comment below and share your stories.

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