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Life is busy. Eat Pizza.

In our continued effort to support healthy lifestyles, Cali’flour Foods is thrilled to announce the launch of our newest product — Frozen Pizzas! Our amazing handcrafted frozen pizzas unite three qualities our customers want: convenience, superb taste, and clean nutrition. The pizzas are available in THREE mouthwatering flavors: Classic Cheese, Supreme Veggie, and Artisan Margherita.

Ready to eat in 15 minutes or less, this is the perfect meal for those never ending busy days, family pizza night, and entertaining guests. These easy to bake pizzas allows you time to enjoy the people you love and serve a guilt-free, nutrient rich, delicious meal.

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Easy Meals for Lunch Boxes

Can you believe it? School is almost here! We all know what that means — waking up early, packing lunches, helping with homework, and taxiing to after-school activities — brace yourself, it’s a whirlwind!

At Cali’flour Foods we recognize providing clean and healthy choices offers our children an optimal chance for success. As parents, we’ve all seen the studies reporting deficits in nutrition can lead to issues with attention, processing, behavior and problem-solving. Sadly, this results in overall lower academic performance.

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What Healthy Frozen Meals Fit Into Your Keto Lifestyle?

Because of technology and ingenuity. 

More and more, the frozen aisles are beginning to up the ante on health. A great discovery has been made and is being taken advantage of in such a good way. That discovery?

Freezing healthy food keeps it healthy.

Of course, there is still a plethora of what is best called “conventional” foods, to keep it nice. Fortunately, we live in an age of information where a quick search can lead you in the right direction for the health practice you follow so it makes it easy to pilfer through the junk to get to the buried treasure.

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Cali'flour is Root-to-Stem

Did you know that the average American trashes about 25% of the food they purchase?

When you live in a country that consumes more resources than just about any other country, that’s a considerable amount of waste. Luckily, there is a plethora of initiatives battling this issue right here in our country. Out of all the fads that come and go with the food industry, waste reduction is by far one of the most beneficial ones.

The conflict against waste comes in many forms, from recycling to nose-to-tail utilization. But in the vegetable world, it’s called root-to-stem.

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The Healthiest Pizza in the WORLD?

The Healthiest Pizza Crust in The World?

In the US, the pizza industry is a 45 billion dollar business.  The diet industry is a 80 billion dollar business.  It’s no wonder the number one “cheat meal” of dieters all across America guessed it - pizza!  It’s also no coincidence that when it comes to pizza crust alternatives - there is no shortage of options.  Looking for a gluten free crust?  There are a ton.  A crust with veggies in it?  Several.  A low-carb pizza crust?  A few.  A pizza crust alternative that actually appeals to your taste buds?  I suppose that one is subjective.

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