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Low Carb

Cinco de Mayo: Low Carb Fiesta

As if we needed another excuse to eat delicious food with friends and family. Cinco de Mayo and Taco Tuesday on the same day this year!? Can’t say we’re mad about it.  While your fiesta may be smaller with social distancing still in effect, we thought it’d be helpful to list some of our favorite low carb Mexican dishes for those of you looking for healthier alternatives for your Cinco de Mayo menu.  


We’ve got you covered when it comes to taco inspo. From breakfast through dessert, try one of these Mexican-inspired dishes for your next low carb meal. 

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Health Benefits of a Low Carb Diet

Maria Muccioli, PhD, Molecular and Cell Biology || Stratford University & Diabetes Daily

Today, more and more people are focusing on improving their diet, for overall health preservation, as well as for weight loss and the management of various health conditions. 

A focus on whole food-based, lower-carbohydrate eating has become a growing trend in recent years, and the efficacy of this eating pattern when it comes to weight loss and heart health is well-supported by scientific evidence.  

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The Difference Between Carbs

Carbs are getting a bad rap these days. While it’s not completely undeserved, we understand that it’s not usually as simple as a blanket “bad” or “good” statement anymore. With the variety of allergies and/or dietary preferences, the amount of do’s and don’ts can get pretty overwhelming, pretty quick.

Which brings us to the forefront of the carb quandary. What makes a good carb good, and vice versa?

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Is "Low-Carb" the Same as "Keto"?

One of these is not like the other, but can you spot the difference?


While it doesn’t appear that there has ever been a conclusive result on the number of diets, we can all agree that there are a lot. This makes it hard to keep up and can muddy the waters a bit. Because of this, many well-intentioned dieters kick off a certain eating style then call it something it’s not. Who can blame them? One of the biggest confusions is between low carb and keto.

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Healthy Fat and the Low Carb Lifestyle

Fat is still getting a lot of attention on both sides of the aisle. Whether you’re an advocate for or against, it’s hard to argue the necessity of fat in the diet to a degree.

The low-carb community often results in a high fat diet. The trick is eating the right ones in the right amounts. That will look different for everyone, but we want to talk about a specific source at the moment.  

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