Spice Up Your Life With Delicious Keto Mexican Food

Bursting with color and flavor, few people can resist the vibrant appeal of Mexican cuisine. Unfortunately, traditional tacos, enchiladas, and quesadillas are high in carbs and calories. 

With our low-carb products, now you can prepare your favorite mouthwatering Keto Mexican food in minutes. The days of skipping taco night are over - you’ve got this!

Time for Keto Tacos

Tacos are an easy-going option for family nights and friendly gatherings. Keep tacos on the menu by replacing the tortillas with Cali’flour Flatbreads or Cali’Flour Pizza Crusts made from three simple ingredients! 

Some of our favorite taco recipes are made with our Plain and Spicy Jalapeno Cauliflower Flatbreads:

  • Taco salad is temptingly chock full of natural goodness everyone will love - even if they don’t follow a low-carb diet.

  • Cali taco-wrap includes ground beef, chili pepper, cayenne pepper, sour cream, and tomatoes for an authentic Mexican flair.
  • Keto taco cups with ground beef, cilantro, tomatoes, and avocados deliver the Mexican flavor everyone craves.

The Whole Keto Enchilada

An enchilada is typically made from a corn tortilla rolled around fillings such as meat, cheese, vegetables, and beans, and covered with a tasty sauce. The traditional preparation of this irresistible dish is chock full of carbs and calories. 

Our mouthwatering frozen enchilada entrees, crafted from clean, simple ingredients to fit into your Keto lifestyle, are naturally gluten and grain-free.

Now your favorite Mexican meals are back on the table - and you really can eat the whole enchilada!

Craving Keto-Friendly Quesadillas?

Quesadillas are a type of taco stuffed with cheese, spices, and meat then cooked to perfection on a griddle. Traditional corn and flour tortillas are high in carbohydrates. 

Now Keto and plant-based dieters can indulge their cravings for quesadillas with our wholesome Cali’flour crusts with no gluten, grains, or fillers. Our Plant-Based Crust is made with sunflower and sesame flours, sea salt, and olive oil.

  • Vegetarian quesadilla starts with our Plant-Based Crust with tomatoes, corn, avocado, and other fresh favorites for a succulent and guilt-free treat or meal. 
  • Red pepper and sweet potato quesadillas help you stay on your Keto diet with chicken breast, cheddar cheese, and spices. 
  • Breakfast taquitos fulfill your cravings for spicy flavor in the morning, made from our jalapeno flatbread and filled with scrambled eggs, red bell pepper, and spinach to start your day the right way.

That’s Nacho Cheese

Spicy cheese is an essential ingredient in popular Mexican cuisine. Few people can resist the crunchy appeal of nachos with cheese, but the traditional version is overloaded with carbs and calories. 

Just choose your favorite Cali’Flour Crust flavor and cut it into triangles for Keto-friendly, low-carb nachos you can serve with meat, cheese, and spices. Try these recipes to tantalize your tastebuds!

  • Simple chicken nachos offer complex flavor combinations to indulge your senses, including red pepper, Jack cheese, and cilantro.
  • Low carb nachos with sliced olives, refried beans, guacamole, and sour cream taste like you shouldn’t - but you can!

Keto Queso & Appetizers

If you’re looking for variety on a Keto diet, spice up your life with low-carb Keto Mexican food. Start with a supply of Cali’flour Foods pizza crusts and flatbreads to make nachos, tacos, and more. 

Keep in mind pre-packaged taco seasoning is typically high in carbohydrates. Maintain control of your intake by adding moderate amounts of fresh spices, such as chili pepper and ground cumin, for an authentic Mexican taste with none of the guilt.

  • Cauliflower queso and Cali’flour crisps with chili powder, onions, white cheddar, and tomato make for sumptuous cuisine that fits perfectly into your low-carb diet plan.
  • Chicken taco soup with Cali strips is a perfectly satisfying and spicy hot meal on a chilly winter day.
  • Fiesta salsa brings spice to your life the right way with low-carb flavors such as Roma tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, black beans, cilantro, and lime juice.

Keto Mexican food helps curb cravings, so you stay on track. From breakfast to dinner, you’ll never miss out on Mexican favorites. 

Cali’flour Foods crusts and flatbreads make Keto-friendly tacos, nachos, salads, and quesadillas that will please all the Mexican-food lovers in your life!

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