Putting the “C” in Cauliflower

The Vitamin that Makes this Cruciferous Crucial

It’s no surprise the benefits of cauliflower can be lengthy. Just one look at this veggie and you can tell it’s closely related to the infamous broccoli family, which has been well understood as a potent cruciferous. Like it’s cousin, cauliflower is dense with a whole alphabet of vitamins and nutrients.

Most notably is the Vitamin C content. Making up an impressive 73%, Vitamin C tops the chart (literally, see this whfoods source) and provides 54 milligrams of it per cup.

That’s great, but what does Vitamin C really do? You see it in the stores advertised in juices and cereals, but when you purchase said products and consume them you don’t see a difference. Understandably so, since the average juice drink has nearly as much sugar as Cola. Dump that much sugar on your Vitamin C and you have a battle in your body.

Not the case with cauliflower. Unless, of course, you fry it in sugar which is a recipe I wouldn’t recommend experimenting with.

Sans sugar, Vitamin C has recently been shown as a “breakthrough” (even though it’s been around forever) in Cardiovascular health. Studies are discovering that Vitman C may just be the key to breaking down the build up of plaque in your arteries. Translate that to better heart health and a lower risk of heart disease and cardiac arrest.

Vitamin C is also an antioxidant with powerful anti-inflammatory effects. In addition to protecting against new harmful radicals, it even cleans up old damage from oxidative stress. On top of that, it helps regulate blood pressure and decrease Body Mass Index (BMI) which means a more chill, fit, and sick-free you.

Stick to this cruciferous, and it will help less damage stick to you.

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