Non-GMO and Organic Versus Conventional - A Personal Story

While we certainly live in a great country, there is something to be noticed in the world of obesity. As humans, we have a tendency to eat the same foods. Yes, of course, trends vary. But at the root of eating habits, we all consume meats, vegetables, fruits, and starches, of course. However, America has one of the highest disease and obesity rates in the world. Why is that?

What I’m about to tell you is more speculation than rigid scientific background. And it starts with a story.

As someone with Lupus and sensitivities to low-quality foods, I am constantly watching what I’m eating. I keep wheat as far away from me as possible. I try to steer away from all the sugary foods. They simply make me sick, physically. 

I was recently in Italy on a business trip and I couldn’t help but notice the general health of the people there. What was it that kept them from gaining weight? The difference was noticeable. I’ve heard before that the food in Europe and surrounding countries is different somehow, even though it’s the same. 

I decided to test this. 

And I ate wheat.

Guess what? 


I felt fine! Of course, I wasn’t high flying, jacked up on some super nutrient nova conquering the world but I also wasn’t curled up in the fetal position regretting my life choices. If I had done this little experiment in the states, the outcome would be much different.

I believe there are two major factors in this predicament. After really looking at all the similarities and differences, I can only come up with these two things.

Genetically Modified Organisms and Pesticides. 

Versus, of course, neither of the two.  

In Italy, cultivation of GMO foods is prohibited. Of course, the import is allowed but who in their right mind would import food into ITALY? And who in their right mind, while staying in Italy, wouldn’t eat authentic Italian food? Am I right? 

As for the organic side of things, while Italy hasn’t necessarily banned pesticides and/or herbicides, they have a tendency to use dramatically less than other countries. Namely, ours. On average, they use approximately 80% fewer pesticides in farming than we do in America. 

Like I said, the blog this time is a little more speculative than scientific, and that’s mostly due to my curiosities stemming from experiencing something intriguing for myself. I just wanted to share some thoughts with all of you!

Thanks for reading! And please, let me know your thoughts or own speculations below. 

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