Memorial Day

Holidays are always a great excuse to visit with family and friends, have some good food, and celebrate the time at hand. While we are fortunate enough to light up the grill, have open conversations, eat, drink and be merry, not every holiday was instituted based off of these traditions. 

It is steeped in our culture to celebrate. So much so, that often times we forget the reasons why. Many will look at this weekend as a great time to hit the lakes without a second thought - and rightly so. However, the real reason we celebrate is also the main reason we get to.

Memorial Day at one time was called Decoration Day. It was the day Americans gathered around the resting places of fallen soldiers and decorated the funeral sites. To this day, we raise the flag at half-staff to honor our country’s fallen soldiers. 

This year, may we not forget to commemorate but may we also endeavor to celebrate. We have the freedom to flip some burgers with joy and dip our toes in the water because of those that gave up all to keep our country safe enough to do so. 

May we honor them by enjoying our freedom. May we honor our freedom by spending time with loved ones. May we honor our loved ones with health and longevity, because we have that option thanks to our brave soldiers. 

Have a happy Memorial Day weekend, with love from the whole Cali’flour Family.

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