Low-Carb Burger Bowls, Keto Avocado Brownies & a Sleep Quiz!

This week's edition of The Weekly Slice is full of useful information on different diets, transformational stories, a sleep quiz, and of course tasty keto friendly recipes! 

"Diets don’t only change what the scale says. They can also alter how your mind and body feel, which plays a role in how you perform at work." Read why health experts are saying intermittent fasting, keto, and avoiding extra sugar are dietary changes worth considering.
Keto has never been this easy... Here are the top keto meal subscriptions you can get delivered right to your door. 


"My name is Hannah Curlee Young, and I'm 42 years old. After a back injury, I gained weight rapidly. I went on The Biggest Loser and started eating a low-carb, low-sugar PCOS diet and walking for weight loss, as well as incorporated strength training and HIIT, to reach a healthy weight for me." Read more of Hannah's story here! 
There's something to these low-carb hamburger bowls the internet is raving about. Plus, each one is only 3g net carbs! 


Wondering if your sleep hygiene and routine are affecting your health? Take this short quiz to test your knowledge and learn more about the quality of your sleep.
Spend a night in and practice self care by making one of these face masks. All the ingredients are likely in your cabinet right now. 

Queso Fundido Taquitos
Substitute tortillas for our low-carb flatbreads 🥑
Keto Avocado Brownies
"Sugar free chocolate avocado brownies are always a good choice. They are rich and fudgy with the perfect balance of sweet gooey melted chocolate chips and flakey salt."

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