Lisa Moreno's Weight Loss Story

We love hearing about your health journeys and how Cali'flour Foods' products are helping you achieve your goals! Below is a story from Lisa Moreno. She shares how she went from a size 24 to a 14 and increased her energy levels by choosing to make Cali'flour Foods' crusts a part of her journey and make her health a priority! 

"I wanted to share my journey with you regarding my weight loss and how I love your products.

I lost my daddy two years ago and was at my heaviest because when we take care of others we forget to take care of ourselves. Consequently, I would skip breakfast and lunch then eat heavy dinners, so I gained so much weight during this period and was always tired and sluggish. I tipped the scale at 297 and two weeks after my father's funeral, and I decided that I would not repeat this cycle with our mother who is now 84 years.

I started eating healthy and so did she. She has lost 100 pounds and I have lost 99 pounds. I was a size 24 two years ago and am now starting to fit into size 14 and weight 196 pounds.

I ordered your pizza crusts and started making healthy pizzas for lunch and dinner. They were a big hit! Thank you for your outstanding products.

I have so much energy and know I can care for my mother when I get better.

Again thank you for your wonderful products. The variety of pizzas I make is awesome, but now know that I can also use them for breakfast as well."

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