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The reason I failed at so many diets in the past is because of all the restrictions and the tasteless foods I’d have to endure. I would continuously crave delicious, filling foods. Because of this I would fail at my attempts at dieting and eventually revert back to my old unhealthy habits. Since discovering keto, my life has totally changed for the better. 

Keto is not a diet, it's a lifestyle, and it has helped me maintain my weight loss over the past year. I’m happy to report that I’ve lost over 30lbs since committing to keto, and more importantly, I’ve been able to keep off the weight! The reason for my success on keto is because the food is delicious, and I never feel as though I’m being deprived of flavor and/ or substance in my meals. 

Since making keto a part of my life I have rediscovered my love for cooking and creating recipes in the kitchen. My goal is to create delicious, quick and easy low carb recipes for busy families who desire to eat keto or low carb meals and share them on my YouTube channel with my subscribers. 

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Cali’flour Foods helps me in my creativity and my delivery of quick easy meals. I am a true lover of bread, but of course the keto lifestyle doesn’t allow me to indulge the way I used to. Thankfully Cali’flour Foods has created delicious alternative pizza crust, bread and more to help me stay on course. Their pizza crust is so delicious and versatile. I create pizza, appetizers, even bread substitutes that I use for soups and stews. Not only are the products delicious, but they are also healthy and help keep my body in a state of ketosis! If you are in need of delicious, healthy foods I sincerely recommend giving Cali’flour Foods a try. You will definitely be pleased with the taste and the shrinking in your waist.  

I would like to give a great big THANK YOU to Cali’flour Foods founder, Amy Lacey for creating such an amazing product. You are helping me to stay healthy while enjoying amazingly delicious food!

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