Keto Diet & the Power of Food

Take it from a guy who understands exactly where you might be coming from, because I've probably been right where you are. 

I've been on both extreme ends of the weight and health spectrum and everywhere in between. I know what it's like to be nearly anorexic as a 115lb 21 year old. Then to put on massive amounts of weight in just six months to peak at 235lbs. I know how it feels to be sick every time I eat AND to want to eat everything in sight. I know what it's like to feel gross every day. I know the overwhelming frustrations of skin issues, chronic pain, insomnia, stress, anxiety, and depression.

It wasn't until I understood the power of food that I began to look closely at what I put into my body (or don't). Exercise helped, but it wasn't until I found and researched the heck out of the ketogenic diet that I gained a valuable perspective into healthy lifestyle.

My overall health journey started back in late 2017 when I realized how unhealthy I was. I started riding my bike during that time in an effort to be more active and get healthier. I lost about 40lbs after riding over 10,000 miles! After I got married in July 2019, my wife, Heather, and I began looking into the keto diet and decided it was worth a try. I had plateaued in weight loss and was still eating garbage. It was “healthier garbage”, but still full of carbs and sugars. More than a year later, we are still on keto and I’ve lost another 42lbs!

We initially found Cali’flour Foods pizza crusts through a giveaway on Instagram and then started seeing them in our local grocery stores. We love a good pizza and it’s so hard to find a cauliflower pizza crust that is not full of fillers or inflammatory ingredients. So finding Cali’flour Foods crusts that have only three ingredients has been HUGE for us! 

before and after keto

Since going on the keto diet, I have experienced lower blood pressure, lower overall blood sugar, better fitness endurance, less acne, and better sleep. If you actually follow the science (and there's a ton out there to explore), you can see how much a ketogenic lifestyle can change your life, beyond just weight loss. You can also manage, and in some cases even reverse, conditions including: PCOS, Type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, epilepsy, autism, Parkinson's, insulin resistance, Alzheimer’s, reflux, MS, fatty liver disease, migraines, and even some cancers.

Take it from a guy who has experienced it first hand, changing the way you approach food will literally change your life. And changing what you eat can have an enormously positive impact on your health. I believe it's time to retire the notion that keto is just a fad. It's time to get past the "carbs are essential" mindset, because science says they are not. It’s time to admit that counting calories doesn’t work long term. It’s time to recognize the science that fat doesn’t cause obesity, carbs do. The ONLY thing holding you back from at least giving this keto lifestyle a try? You!

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