Keto Desserts, Carb-Cutting Hacks & Spring Picnic Recipes! 🌼

Warm Weather Is Here!
It's time to start shedding those winter layers! The weather is getting warmer which means everything just gets better, right? This week we have all the hacks you need to stay on your low-carb/keto diet and some yummy recipes that are perfect for a spring picnic!
Enjoying your favorite desserts doesn't have to be difficult when you're on a diet! Try out some of these delicious keto-friendly desserts that are all under 5g of carbs! 
Grocery shopping can be hard when you're on a new diet, especially when trying to avoid your favorite high-carb foods. Here are over 20 keto-friendly replacements that you can grab next time you're at the store! 
Looking for guidance on your keto diet? Or, are you looking for a low-carb reset? The Diet Doctor has you covered with this 14-Day meal plan that has everything you need to make delicious meals and feel great!
We all love life hacks, especially when it contributes to our health and well-being! Here we have 18 hacks by nutritionists to lower your carb intake! 
Meet Jon. Not only did the keto diet help him lose weight, but it completely transformed the way he thinks about food,"Take it from a guy who has experienced it first hand, changing the way you approach food will literally change your life. And changing what you eat can have an enormously positive impact on your health." Read his story here! 
What a lot of people don't understand about stress is that not all of it is bad! Stress helps us understand what is important to us so it is crucial to learn how to properly manage it. Here are some tips on how to properly manage both your good and bad stress!
These Ahi Tuna Tostadas are the perfect, satisfying meal! Made with Cali'flour Foods Spicy Jalapeño Flatbreads, they will add the perfect kick to your day! 🌶️
"Capture the light, floral, and fruity flavors of the season with these recipes perfect for a spring picnic."

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