Keep Calm, you have 7 weeks till Christmas

Keep Calm, you have 7 weeks till Christmas!

Halloween is over. And before you know it the Christmas tree will be ready for decorations! Have you thought about what you will do for the holidays? My kids woke up this morning and said “Halloween is over! It’s time to get ready for Christmas!” I could not believe my ears. How quickly they move on from shouting trick or treat and gobbling down candy to talking about Christmas. I began thinking about our plans this year. I am excited about Christmas and the adventures we will have. Then I began to think about my Christmases past. The sadness of loved ones who are no longer here to celebrate with us and the joy of all the memories I hold dear.

Christmas can be such an emotional time.

I find that when I am emotional, I eat. I have heard it said many times, “Am I eating because I am depressed? Or am I depressed because I ate?” It can be really difficult to decipher between actual hunger and emotional hunger. Of course during the Holidays, it is even harder because we have the parties and plays and church gatherings that are all food focused.

How does anyone expect to stay sane with all the busyness of the Holidays mixed with the social and emotional components that make us want to reach for another cookie or piece of pie? I am not even going to go into all the ways sugar alone can mess with you mentally.

Sometimes I feel like the holidays are a recipe for disaster.

It starts with the candy overload on October 31st and ends in a sugar coma by the 1st of the Year! No wonder so many people make New Year’s resolutions of joining the gym or starting a new diet plan. They are emotionally distraught, depressed, exhausted and further in debt because they forgot to budget for all the impulse shopping.

So here we are, November 3nd 2016. We are staring our Holiday season in the face. How are we going to make this year different?

First, let’s begin by not beating ourselves up for snagging some pieces from our kid’s candy stash. It happened… move on.

Next, let’s take a minute to realize that every single day is an opportunity to start fresh. “No matter your position, circumstances, or opportunities in life, you always have the freedom of mind to choose how you experience, interpret, and, ultimately, shape your world.” ― Brendon Burchard 

I think that is important to remember. You get to wake up every single day and decide who you are, what you will choose, and how you will perceive your day.* It begins with acknowledging that the Holiday season can be overwhelming. But don’t stop there! After you accept the reality of it, begin to focus on the joy. Not the drama. Not the chaos. Not the FOOD! Focus on the joy! It is a great place to start. When you bring joy into your mind it manifests in your heart and actions. You will begin to realize that the decisions you are making are being directly impacted by all that joy instead of the sadness or depression you may lean towards focusing on normally.

When your intention is set on things of joy you begin to honor your body and mind. You begin to make choices that are healthy and whole. You begin to see the positive sides of everything! And best of all you don’t beat yourself up for enjoying yourself.

If you begin today, you will notice that when all the craziness of the Season really starts, you will be mentally and emotionally prepared for it. You will conquer each event with excitement and love. You will see this Holiday Season with the same hope as your children and long for the connections and embrace all that is meant to be Christmas.


*For a biblical perspective on this concept read Lamentations 3:22-23

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