June's Transformation Story

We love hearing your transformations stories! Read how June has lost over 140lbs. including our products! Read more about her story below!

First off, I have to say I’ve been an Executive Private Chef for 27 years and started my own pop-up restaurant four years ago; my husband who is a chef as well, works with me. We own a crepery where we focus on gluten free vegetarian/vegan foods.

We attend many festivals that have a large number of people searching for gluten free products. That is why I have already started utilizing Cali'flour Foods crusts for so many of my creations! 

On June 10th of 2019, I suffered a severe stroke and spent one and a half months in a rehabilitation hospital in Pittsburgh learning how to walk, sit, and understand life again. I will never take life for granted ever again.

At age 44, I never thought I could suffer a stroke. But I did, so I started researching food in the hospital in between my aggressive therapy; that’s when I learned about Cali’flour Foods and started creating my own recipes with the crust. I noticed gluten free eating was changing my body. At my heaviest I weighed 450 lbs. Today with the help of Cali’flour Foods, I’m a proud 278 lbs. It's hard for me to believe I’ve lost over 170 lbs.

Learning how to walk again was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I wasn’t able to walk and had to lay flat on my back for two and a half weeks.

I thank God my husband was in charge and had me transferred to one of the best rehabilitation hospitals on the east coast, Montiefore hospital, UPMC.

I was released from rehab on July 6th, and I came home and began my personal journey of self discovery.

I never thought I would walk or be a chef again, but here I am! I’m promoting Cali'flour Foods at every event and my customers are so thrilled!

I left the hospital taking 10 prescriptions, and today with a gluten free diet, I only take four, and two of them are because of a blood clotting disorder.

I am so grateful for this product, and I love introducing it to my clients, through social media, and private events that I hold.

I am a survivor. I went from being uncertain as to if I would walk again, to who I am today. With a determination of power, I did a 180-degree transformation! 

As a Chef, I have so many recipes that I have created with Cali'flour Foods I don’t even know where to begin. I will say that my biggest seller is my sweet potato and black bean “wedge”. It is much like a thick quesadilla with fresh avocado, pico, and Greek yogurt! Everyone loves it!

To learn more about June's journey, follow her on Instagram. 

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