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My name is Jimmy R. and I just turned 40 years old. I went on a dedicated journey during the pandemic in August 2020, but my health challenges date back 10 years.

I was an extremely active athlete growing up and throughout my life I played a multitude of competitive sports. In 2010 I suffered a sports injury to my ankle, and the repair should have been a somewhat routine and minor surgery. That “minor” surgery turned into six additional foot surgeries, and two knee surgeries all in a three and a half year period. While I worked hard at rehab after each surgery, I became frustrated with the pain and slow progress around surgery number four, and started using food for comfort. After my last surgery I fell into chronic depression and gained even more weight.

Over 10 years, I not only gained around 70 pounds, but also developed chronic medical conditions and two herniated discs. I tried numerous diets and would lose 10-15 pounds, but I would end up gaining it back. Not being active and unable to play the sports I loved, I essentially gave up. Once the pandemic hit and we were in quarantine for 5-6 months, I gained an additional 20 pounds.
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I went to the doctor in August 2020 and my weight was at a number I couldn’t believe. I did not use a scale at home because I never wanted to believe it. But when I saw how much I weighed, I told the doctor, ‘This is it. When I see you in a year I will be 100 pounds lighter’. We discussed different diets and the doctor suggested trying a low carb lifestyle. This concept seemed very challenging because I love having bread, chips, fried food, etc. I started with just strict protein and vegetables and did well, but still craved those carbs!

I looked into cauliflower pizzas, but the majority had rice flour or some other ridiculous amount of carbs and calories. Then I found Cali’flour Foods! I was beyond impressed at how good the pizza crusts were and from that first bite I was hooked and wanted to explore more. I discovered they sold many different items including Jalapenño flatbreads (my favorite), as well as frozen meals. Eating Cali’flour Foods products makes me feel like I’m not even on a diet. I add a simple low fat protein and some vegetables and it is always delicious. I will bake 7 flatbreads every weekend and have them ready to go during the week. I just warm each one up in the toaster oven when ready to eat. I use the flatbreads as a “tostada” open-faced style. I also love the crusts. They’re super versatile and I regularly use the recipes on the website when I’m looking for inspiration.

To my surprise, when I started using Cali’flour Foods products I initially lost 20 pounds in the first 6 weeks. Most was water weight, but I kept at it and have averaged losing 10 pounds a month. As the weight has dropped, my joints and ankles feel good enough to walk every day now - rain, snow, or shine. I started out with just a ¼ mile and now walk 5 miles a day.

To date I have lost 70 pounds and would like to lose another 30 which I know is achievable as long as I continue on my path. Cali’flour Foods has literally been a lifesaver for me. Not just for my health but also for my family to enjoy seeing me be more active and looking better. I am confident that I will not just make that goal but more importantly keep the weight off. I would not have been able to lose this much weight without Cali’flour Foods products and the great recipe ideas online. Thank you Cali’flour Foods for making such amazing healthy products and helping me create healthy eating habits without feeling like I am on a diet.

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