Jacob Love's Story-Down 105 lbs with healthy bloodwork!

My name is Jacob Love and my journey began a little short of 400 pounds.  In 2016 I had a complete physical. At that point I was 350 pounds. During this visit I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and extremely high cholesterol.  It was so high that they wanted to put me on medication. I was 29 years old at the time. Since that doctor’s visit and fast forward to 2018 I had put on an additional 50 pounds and had some seriously scary moments.  On several occasions I experienced chest pain, episodes of shortness of breath and blurry vision. I had not been to a doctor since 2016 and this was really because of shame and fear. I absolutely dreaded being weighed and tried to avoid it at all costs.  After a weekend visit to my very fit youngest brother and after watching him compete in a mixed martial arts tournament (that he won) in the fall of 2018 I knew I had to make a significant change. I spent the rest of the weekend asking my brother and his wife about their diet choices. They followed the Keto and Paleo diet and both were physically fit. I came home from that visit knowing full well that if I did not change I would see an early death. I literally moved to save my life.
I watched documentaries about the food industry.  The “Magic Pill was life altering. I cut out all sugars, flour, rice and pasta.  I focused on clean eating and preparing my own food. It was at this point I scoured the internet for ideas and help for healthy living alternatives and came across I ordered a case of their cauliflower and lentil pasta. It had 2 simple ingredients. That’s all it took. That “pasta” became a main daily staple of my diet. It is without question the best veggie pasta I have come across.  I have eaten this pasta as part of my plan for almost a year now. I also tried their jalapeno flatbreads which are delicious. Slowly I incorporated physical activity in my journey and completed a 5k in March of 2019. I have lost 105 pounds in less than a year and I am determined to lose another 50.  I did this with no pills or surgery. I had a complete physical in August 2019. My blood pressure and blood sugars were normal. My LDL and HDL cholesterol were normal. My overall cholesterol was still a little higher than what is considered normal, but was down 30 points. I was actually proud to step on the scale to show my primary provider what I have done. He was astounded and proud. I am a changed man and I thank the people at for understanding the need to revolutionarily change the face of the diet industry. I owe my life to them. 
Jacob Love

If you would like to follow Jacob on his journey click HERE

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