Introducing the NEW Cali'flour Foods!

Cali’flour Foods is excited to share some big news (frankly, the anticipation has been killing us!). Starting this week, we will begin to debut a new brand look for Cali’flour Foods, so you’ll notice major changes upon visiting our updated website or social media accounts and with our emails. You’ll also begin to see our updated packaging on the shelf in grocery stores later this summer and fall. Why the change, you might ask? 

Our founder, Amy Lacey, launched Cali’flour Foods in 2016 with very clean, white packaging, which then evolved into the bright colored packaging our customers know and recognize today. But, the cauliflower-based pizza and pizza crust space has been inundated with knock-off products in recent years that just don’t measure up to Cali’flour’s high nutritional and ingredient standards. So, if you’ve ever found yourself confused by competitive products that aren’t actually low carb, aren’t anywhere close to keto-friendly, and don’t actually use simple, clean ingredients, you’re not alone. We share your frustrations, and that was one of our primary motivations for updating our branding and packaging. Our new, signature blue design is distinct and recognizable, so you—our discerning customer—will be able to readily distinguish us from the “other guys.” Our clean label and low-carb credentials are legit, and they are now more prominent than ever.

We also wanted to better communicate our nutritional and ingredient benefits to help shoppers evaluate our products in terms of fit for their own diets and needs. We’ve simplified and increased the size of our key benefits, and we are now including pie charts on the back of our packages that detail the percent of calories by macronutrient—fat, carbohydrates, and protein—to assist those of you following a ketogenic diet. Many of our competitors want you to do anything but look at their nutritionals and ingredients, but we’re proud of ours and want to help you get the information you need (and deserve) to make an informed purchase choice.califlour packaging

In addition, we have expanded our product offerings in recent years from our original pizza crust line to include flatbreads and frozen pizzas (and there’s more big news coming on additional new products… but back to our new look). Today, all of our products are sold in packaging that looks different: our Original Italian Crusts are in a yellow box, for example, while our Spicy Jalapeno Crusts are sold in a green box, and we realize this can make finding or recognizing our products a challenge. We want our customers to easily find legit Cali’flour products in different sections of the grocery store, so moving to our new signature blue was important as we continue to grow and expand.

Lastly, we hope you will also notice (and like!) our new logo, which we feel captures the essence and personality of the Cali’flour brand that you—our loyal customers—have helped build over the years. It includes our new tagline, “Simple Fresh Ingredient,” which is our ongoing pledge to stay true to our clean ingredient roots, even as we continue launching new offerings. The new rays shining up from “Cali’flour” symbolize the start of each individual food and health journey. Whether you are following a specific diet or just trying to eat a bit healthier, Cali’flour is here to support your journey through our product offerings, informational resources, recipes, and more.

We hope you like our new look and would love to hear what you think!

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  • Love the new look! It’s very sharp and aesthetically pleasing. I love your crusts and never miss a chance to recommend to others!!!

    Maddie on
  • I always purchase online, so the packaging is not an issue for me. I was disappointed that you discontinued the plant based Jalapeno. I also would love if you could make your flatbread vegan. For now, I’m totally addicted to the plant-based pizza crusts. Thank you for the commitment to the customers’ health.

    Bobbi on
  • Love the new look!! 👀😁
    It will be much easier to find them in the store.

    Kim on
  • Wow wow wow What a great article! When I first saw the blue I was a little bit shocked (silly, I know) because blue reminded me of Windex and not the amazingly natural product you offer… but your article makes SO MUCH SENSE… You’re right, so many people say “cauliflower crust” meanwhile they have some cauliflower in it but a ton of other stuff (the exact stuff we’re wanting to avoid, defeating the whole purpose of choosing cauliflower crust! It’s so ridiculous.) And you’re so right, the blue will set you apart from all of the others because it definitely TOTALLY stands out and clearly identities your products. I will now adjust my viewpoint and choose to see the new color as a beautiful blue sky. Thank you for taking the time to explain. Good luck with everything! As much as more “health food options” do currently exist out there, so few of them are truly clean and wholesome. You make a wonderful product!

    Colleen on
  • Love the new look and really love the pizza crusts! Looking forward to trying the flatbreads and new products coming out! Keep up the amazing work!

    Jennifer on

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