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Healthy Holiday Hacks is about supporting you during this most temptatious time of year. Let's be honest, it's not easy to eat healthy during the holidays. During quarantine this past year many of us have stopped our workout routine and taken up cooking and baking. This blog post is designed to offer you healthy swaps to traditional holiday apps, sides, mains & desserts! Bonus: many are keto-friendly recipes. 

One last thing! We're guessing you're already whipping up some of your own dishes. We'd love to hear about 'em! Feel free to comment below or tag us on social with some of your favorites. 


  • Goat Cheese with Cali'Crisps:¬†Everyone loves a good cheese log. What separates this from your typical yuletide¬†fave? We're subbing crackers for¬†Cali'Crisp¬†(crackers made from our crusts).¬†
  • Jalape√Īo Popper Pinwheels:¬†We put a fun and healthy spin on jalape√Īo poppers by using our low-carb, cauliflower crusts!¬†
  • Deviled Egg Sailboats:¬†These little devils are as tasty as they are cute¬†(oh, and they‚Äôre keto friendly)! Complete the look with a¬†Cali'Crisp¬†Cracker.¬†
  • Easy Cheesy Low Carb Breadsticks:¬†You had us at Easy and Cheese. These breadsticks are perfect for dipping in marinara or eating with your favorite salad. Look out Olive Garden... we're coming for you!¬†¬†
  • Cranberry Sauce, Bacon and Gorgonzola Minis:¬†We'd be crazy if we didn't include a festive pizza. These¬†mini's¬†are made using our flatbreads! Cut 'em¬†into quarters so even more friends can enjoy!¬†
  • Stuffed Baby Bellas:¬†A¬†low-carb¬†take on this classic dish. Cut the carbs when you sub out the breadcrumbs for pulsed cauliflower crusts...of course.¬†¬†
  • Ricotta Crisps with Pomegranate Salsa:¬†Pomegranate is always a¬†show stopper. Top some of our "crisps" with ricotta, lemon zest and a pomegranate salsa for a fresh take on cheese and crackers.¬†¬†


  • Keto Lasagna:¬†This¬†dish¬†is as beautiful as it is delicious.¬†Cali‚Äôflour¬†Crusts replace noodles in this keto-friendly Italian main.¬†
  • Roasted Beet, Kale and Walnut Pizza:¬†OH, KALE YES! Looking for a quick and tasty dinner that‚Äôs nutrient dense? This pizza might have been made for you!¬†
  • Fall Tacos with Apple Salsa:¬†Tacos for Christmas might top your list once you try these. Savory fall veggies fill these low-carb shells to create a celebration of flavors when topped with our apple salsa.¬†
  • Butternut Squash and Kale Pizza:¬†This is the perfect comfort food to eat during the winter. Top our low-carb, gluten-free cauliflower crust with seasonal veggies and parmesan cheese.¬†


  • Asparagus Gremolata:¬†Our crusts offer endless possibilities. Pulsed into crumbs, they add texture and a wonderful flavor to your favorite vegetable, including this holiday asparagus side.¬†
  • Mushroom Cali‚ÄôCrisp Stuffing:¬†Team stuffing or team dressing? Either way, nothing says indulgence like bread-based side. Trick yourself and guests with this ‚Äústuffing‚ÄĚ made from pulsed cauliflower crusts.¬†


  • Christmas Cheesecake Minis¬†Naughty or nice? These cheesecake bites will satisfy everyone on your list!¬†This holiday season,¬†make desserts low-carb and almost guilt-free by swapping out gluten crusts with our¬†cauliflower¬†crusts. Cheesecake Minis with pomegranate sauce will be a new family tradition!¬†
  • Chocolate Mousse Tart:¬†Calling all chocolate lovers. This tart is sure to satisfy¬†your sweet tooth.¬†¬†
  • Cali‚Äôflour Christmas Cookies:This recipe is a fun way to get the whole family in the holiday spirit¬†while maintaining your keto diet. Cut our crusts using cookie cutters and top with all your keto friendly toppings!¬†¬†
  • Keto Cheesecake:This cheesecake recipe is even better than the real thing.¬†Whether you‚Äôre keto or not, everyone will enjoy this tasty dessert.¬†¬†

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