Hello, November!

November has arrived which means Thanksgiving is basically tomorrow and according to most grocery stores it's already Christmas. We're giving you tips on how to celebrate Thanksgiving during a pandemic, keto friendly recipe for a peppermint mocha, and of course some health and wellness tips. 


Cardio what? This 30 year old from Michigan felt like her weight was holder her back, so she decided to start a keto diet and yes, cardio drumming classes. Read her story here! 
If you didn't know, this month is National Diabetes Awareness Month! "Type 2 diabetes (T2D) has long been identified as an incurable chronic disease. It has an estimated worldwide prevalence of 9.3 percent in 2019, which suggests that about 463 million people suffer from it." Learn more about these recent findings here! 
Make the most of these colder months in a pandemic-friendly way. This list includes outdoor activities, crafts and some much needed self-care options. 
Don't write of Thanksgiving this year! There's no doubt this year's holidays will look different, but there are plenty of ways to adapt to the times. Here's a list of things you can do to plan for Thanksgiving. 
There are countless pros to meal delivery services: no meal prep, saves time and trips to the store. However, not all of these services offer healthy options. Healthline compiled this list of services that don't use additives, fillers or preservatives. Check it out! 
Meditation is commonly used for mood improvement, healthy sleep patterns and positive outlooks. This article reviews 12 health benefits of meditation. 
"In this recipe we pack in as much pumpkin flavor as possible while eliminating all the refined grains and sugars that are usually used in fall recipes."
You don't have to miss out on this holiday favorite if you're following a keto diet. Plus, it only takes 5 minutes to make! 
Who doesn't love broccoli? This recipe includes provolone, mozzarella and grated pecorino romano cheese. 

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