Happy May Day!

We're welcoming May with open arms! In this week's edition of the Weekly Slice, we're serving up mental and physical health tips, top keto grocery products and delicious recipes. 

Keto Lifestyle

Top 20 Keto Products at Walmart: Clean Keto Grocery Hall 
Part of living in the midst of a pandemic, is being more thoughtful when grocery shopping. In an effort to spend less time in the grocery store, it's better to create a list of things to buy before you go. Watch as Youtuber Bobby Parish goes into Walmart and picks out his top 20 keto products, so you know exactly what to get during your next trip! 

11 Delicious Keto Muffin Recipes That Will Keep You in Ketosis Who doesn't love a good muffin? Check out this list of keto friendly muffins with flavors like banana bread, cinnamon roll and broccoli and cheese. You'll thank us later.

Health & Wellness 

Too Wiped Out to Figure Out How to Eat Well Today? Read This
"Getting the right amounts of all the essential nutrients a human needs… in 1 day? Sounds like a lot of brain work we don’t always have the energy for. So to take one thing off your full plate, we made a 1-day menu that gives you all the nutrients your body needs, sunup to sundown."

7 Ways to Manage Your Corona Virus Anxiety, According to Psychologists
It seems impossible to go though the day without a mention of what's going on in our world. The uncertainty and effects of COVID can be incredibly overwhelming. A panel of 7 mental health experts spoke with Good Housekeeping to share their tips and tricks to help lower your anxiety in the coming months. 

Low Carb Eating 

Low-Carb Recipes For Mother's DayFriendly reminder that Mother's Day is May 10th! Celebrate your mom while enjoying delicious low carb meals. Nothing shows love and appreciation more than a home cooked meal or dessert. 

Low-Carb Nuts: The Best and The WorstIs it just us, or have you been snacking way more than usual? Keep on snacking with these low-carb nuts. 


Low-Carb Cauliflower Mash
Whether you're following a keto diet or not, everyone is sure to enjoy this cauliflower mash. Light, fluffy, creamy and buttery... you'll forget all about potatoes. 

Chicken Avocado Arepas
WARNING! If you click on this link you will be instantly hungry. These low-carb arepas taste as good as they look. 

Cookie Dough Keto Fat BombsYes, you read that right. These are the perks of the keto diet! These are perfect to keep in the freezer to have on hand whenever the craving hits. 

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