Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day

Here at Cali’flour, we like the term “All hands on deck”. We use it frequently and we mean it. The business is booming and that means focus. Behind the scenes, there is a whole team making life happen in harmony.

Sure the face of the business is a woman, but there are some amazing Dads working behind the scenes to help make this ship sail with their love, support, and hard work. From our CEO handling manufacturing and production, to our husbands holding down day jobs and cooking pizza at night. Running the kids to school, helping with the chores, taking meal planning and family time to a-whole-nother level. This business wouldn’t be the success it is without these Dads. 

We want to recognize the Dads of Cali’flour for all they do. They mean so much to us. We want to wish them a Happy Father’s Day! What they provide on our team is invaluable and we appreciate all they do. 

We also want to extend that wish to all the Dads out there who go above and beyond to support us women. We love you and wish you a Happy Father’s Day!

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