Happy (Almost) Thanksgiving!

How is Thanksgiving less than a week away?! Although traditions may look different this year, there are plenty of ways to celebrate and get in the holiday spirit. There's still plenty of time to create decorations and try recipes that your family will love.  


Keto Cranberry Sauce 

Enjoy this Thanksgiving staple with lower carbs and delicious flavor. 

Keto Gravy 

It's all gravy, baby. Drizzle this over your stuffing, turkey veggies and more!  

Keto Cauliflower Stuffing 

As you know, we're huge fans of swapping out bread for cauliflower to get low-carb meals! This is the only stuffing you'll need. 

Keto Pumpkin Cheesecake

It's not Thanksgiving without a pumpkin pie (or cheesecake!). Try this recipe for a fun twist on Thursday's dessert! 


Get inspired by these seasonal decorations for a festive home! Dress up your space with pumpkins, leaves and apples. This list has easy to make center pieces, name tags, and tablecloth ideas. 
There's no need to head to the store or order on Amazon. There are plenty of things you already have in your space that you can use to get in the holiday spirit. Oprah Magazine is helping you do just that! 


With cases on the rise many of us are making changes to our Thanksgiving traditions. Here's what experts are saying you can do to keep your family safe and the prevent the spread of COVID.
"It’s been a year of sacrifice, social distancing and skyrocketing stress. Can we at least enjoy Thanksgiving? The solution? A scaled-back Thanksgiving — with open windows, fewer people and a big serving of precautions."


This dish is the perfect healthy side! Swap out breadcrumbs for our low-carb crusts and season the asparagus with lemon, garlic and cheese. 
Save your tasty leftovers to make this pizza. It's the perfect way to make the most of your Thanksgiving dishes!
Introducing the Personal Turkey Pot Pie using our low-carb crusts! This dish is a fun alternative to make for Thanksgiving or with leftovers!

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