Hadi's Story

We love hearing about your health journeys and how Cali'flour Foods' products are helping you achieve your goals! Below is a story Hadi shared with us. He lost 191 pounds, and used Cali'flour crusts to help him stay on plan while still enjoying pizza. 


"My name is Hadi and I had a huge health scare. One day I left the doctors office with a handful of prescriptions. The doctor said I needed to begin taking medication if I wanted to stay alive. At the time, my daughter was in kindergarten and all I thought was I will not be able to see her go into the first grade. I drove to a supplement shop that was nearby. I walked in and said, 'I know there’s no magic pill, I’m not looking for supplements. I just want to know what you eat so I can get healthier.' I was put on the bodybuilding diet and weighed all my foods and lost 191 pounds in one year. I returned to the same doctor a year later for a check up. The doctor did not recognize me, and was blown away by my test results. Everything is normal. He asked me to retake my blood test to ensure the results were accurate. I returned two weeks later, and again he was blown away that I went from possibly losing my life to being healthier than I have ever been. I handed him back all the prescriptions he assigned me when I initially went in and told him all I did was change my eating habits and it changed my life. I did not need all these prescriptions you assigned me and did not take not one this whole time.

Now I’m on the journey of building muscle. I currently train at Mark Bell's gym in Sacramento called Super Training Gym. I'm not on a diet, I've just changed how I eat. Sometimes I want a pizza, but not the greasy take out. That’s how I found Cali'flour Foods. It keeps me on my meal plan and I can still enjoy eating pizza whenever I want. My kids love it, too! If you are able to feed something healthy to your kids and they enjoy eating it, that’s an absolute win in my book. 

You can still enjoy what you eat. Healthy eating does not have to suck. Check out my Instagram HERE."

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