Giving Back: Ruba's Charity

Each month we, at Cali'flour Foods, are paying it forward in honor of someone on our team! We are so honored to have such strong women working so hard. As we strive to bring quality to the food here in the United States, we are also focused on bringing a quality of life to our world! 

Meet Ruba, our West Coast Sales Manager - Cali'flour Foods will be making a contribution in Ruba's name to Orphan Care International!

Ruba is passionate about Orphan Care International  because she knows the founders and has witnessed the positive impact of the organization first hand. She knows every penny goes to help orphaned children and to provide a brighter future than the one they face without Orphan Care.

Orphan Care International was founded and incorporated in 2006 by Sherry Holbrook with the purpose of housing and caring for orphans and vulnerable children in Zambia who have been affected/infected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Orphan Care International is a non-profit organization and is funded solely by donations of caring individuals. All donations to OCI are tax deductible. We are a volunteer run organization and believe that every penny we receive should be directly donated to our current projects to benefit the children. Because of this belief, no costs are withheld from donations received. Our current project is in Ndola, Zambia at a home called Loti Children's Home. You can learn more about them on their Facebook page.  Orphan Care's  goal is to make our project self-sustaining through small business ownership.

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