Getting Started with Keto: Books & Podcasts

We get a lot of questions about the diets. Not just about our products, but about where to go for more information. We reached out to our friend and ketogenic diet guru, Thomas DeLauer, and asked him to share some of his “go-to” resources for those looking for resources related to Keto. Below is his list of recommended books and podcasts.

By: Thomas DeLauer

Part Two of this series focuses on the Book and Podcasts I recommend to anyone looking for either 1) tips on a ketogenic diet or 2) ongoing motivation while dieting. This isn’t an exhaustive list. Rather, some of my favorites. Comment below and share some of your favorite books and podcasts!


Keto Answers, Dr. Anthony Gustin, DC

Keto Answers, by Dr. Anthony Gustin, DC, is an incredible keto resource. Gustin is the Founder and CEO of Perfect Keto & Equip Foods, and host of the Keto Answers Podcast (more on that later!). He’s a former sports rehab clinician turned entrepreneur with a Doctorate in Chiropractic, and is trained in functional medicine.

His book, Keto Answers, is an incredibly valuable reference guide for all things keto. It answers over 250 common questions about keto, ranging from “What is ketosis?” to “Can I do keto while breastfeeding?”  All of the “keto answers” are simple and easy to understand, but are still educational and provide great insight into living the keto lifestyle.


My life is busy, and I realize that yours probably is, too. I don’t always have the time to sit and read a book, at least in its entirety, which is why I’m such a huge fan of podcasts. Below are three of my favorite podcasts that you can trust to provide you with the most accurate, and up-to-date keto news and research that’s out there.

Anthony Gustin’s podcast - Keto Answers

Dr. Anthony Gustin hosts a podcast that features interviews with health and nutrition experts that analyzes and breaks down high-level research so that the beginner can understand. Aside from keto, his podcast also covers topics like intermittent fasting, weight loss, hormone health, and much more!

Dr. Rhonda Patrick - FoundMyFitness

Dr. Rhonda Patrick is a biochemist who did her graduate research at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and has done extensive research surrounding how nutrient deficiencies impact metabolism, inflammation, and aging. She is very well known for a paper she published in FASEB in which she articulated how vitamin D regulates serotonin synthesis and how this relates to autism.

Her podcast, FoundMyFitness, promotes strategies to increase healthspan, well-being, and cognitive and physical performance well beyond just keto. Her other work resides around the benefits of exposing the body to hormetic stressors, such as heat shock proteins, which are greatly activated by sauna use or heat stress, or various forms of cold exposure.

Dr. Peter Attia - The Peter Attia Drive

Dr. Peter Attia is a Stanford/Johns Hopkins/NIH-trained physician (fun fact: he trained for five years at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in general surgery and was the recipient of resident of the year) who focuses on the applied science of longevity and the extension of human life. He’s the founder of Attia Medical, PC, a medical practice with offices in San Diego and New York City.

His podcast, The Peter Attia Drive, is a weekly, ultra-deep-dive podcast that focuses on increasing longevity, but also features topics including keto, fasting, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, mental health, and much much more!

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