Gavin's Story

In 2016 Gavin was diagnosed with a grade 3 tumor in his brain called Anaplastic Astrocytoma.


He was only 4 years old and enduring 33 rounds of radiation, 13 months of Chemotherapy, with countless MRIs and other trips to the hospital. We combined his treatments with the Keto diet and increased his cruciferous vegetable intake because of the wonderful health benefits they have (especially cancer fighting compounds!).

"We are celebrating Gavin being 2 years cancer free! I am so happy that there are companies, such as Cali'flour Foods, that make food that is both healthy AND delicious! Gavin LOVES the pizza, lasagna, "bread sticks", and "roll ups" we make. Outside of cancer, Gavin started first grade and is doing well! He plays soccer, T-ball, and is starting his first season of basketball which is his favorite sport. We are so proud of him for being brave and fighting through everything he has faced. He is the sweetest and best kid there is!" - Love, Gavin's Mom, Cameron

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