Fitbit and Fabulous

Fitbit and Fabulous!


Technology is great. The wave of the future. The axis of communication. Etc, etc. Now, it’s even better with the advent of smart devices that help you track your health and improve it. We like to think of these techie gadgets as more of a helping hand in the world of health. Diet and exercise come first in health, always, but it looks like technology has placed closely in line.

With companies like FitBit and Apple’s smartwatch, staying healthy is an easier accommodation than ever before. These products have the potential to track your health for you which in turn keeps you aware of your state of being.

This option is an awesome opportunity to stay healthy, but still comes in to help, and not instill health. We highly recommend the use of these devices to help, but at the end of the day, it’s what you eat that matters. That’s why we have placed such importance on our pizza crust being dominantly made of cauliflower. So when you’ve accomplished your goal of a thousand more steps than yesterday, you can rest assured that a Cali’flour dinner will not negate the whole process.

Technology makes health easier, and so does Cali’flour Pizza.

 Celebrate your steps with a guilt-free indulgence so you can get right back to it tomorrow.

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