Easy Meals for Lunch Boxes

Can you believe it? School is almost here! We all know what that means — waking up early, packing lunches, helping with homework, and taxiing to after-school activities — brace yourself, it’s a whirlwind!

At Cali’flour Foods we recognize providing clean and healthy choices offers our children an optimal chance for success. As parents, we’ve all seen the studies reporting deficits in nutrition can lead to issues with attention, processing, behavior and problem-solving. Sadly, this results in overall lower academic performance.

Simple lunch planning now ensures your kids will receive the crucial nutrition they need and offer delicious choices that they won’t complain about. Here at Cali’flour Foods, we love receiving photos and feedback from parents letting us know about the products and variety of meals their kids love. We hope these easy-to-make suggestions can inspire you when filling those lunch boxes!

Cheese Cali’flour Crust Quesadillas

Bake the delicious crust of your choice, melt your favorite cheeses and slice into triangles.

Don’t forget the guacamole and salsa!

Pair with fresh grapes or berries. Even kids enjoy a salty-sweet combination!

Flatbread Tacos

Taco Tuesday can happen at school too! Prepare our tasty flatbreads and your child’s favorite taco fillings. Let your kids assemble at school for fun! Some healthy suggestions for fillings: chicken, turkey, avocado, beans and corn, and roasted veggies.

Pair with a colorful fruit salad full of melons, strawberries, and grapes.

Turkey & Cheese Cali’flour Wrap Rollups or Pinwheels

Bake crust at 375º for 4 minutes and place the turkey and cheese flat on the wrap. Add the veggies and condiments you know your kids enjoy, and roll tightly. Keep as a rollup or cut into slices for pinwheels!

Pair with organic apple sauce and carrots.

Soup and Cali’flour Crackers

Especially for those cold months (or cold cafeterias) soup and Cali’flour Crusts prepared as crisps are a great option for filling tummies and meeting nutritional needs. Remember to read soup labels; soups are often filled with additives and unwanted products.

BBQ Chicken Sandwich

It’s a great feeling knowing your kids are enjoying a healthy lunch and you aren’t being wasteful! Toast our wraps and use that in lieu of regular sandwich bread. Pull your leftover chicken from dinner the night before, mix in a little sauce, and voila´! A simple filling sandwich.

Pair with broccoli slaw, corn, and watermelon.

Please tell us about the lunch box creations your kid's love! We love hearing from you!

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