Cali'flour is Root-to-Stem

Did you know that the average American trashes about 25% of the food they purchase?

When you live in a country that consumes more resources than just about any other country, that’s a considerable amount of waste. Luckily, there is a plethora of initiatives battling this issue right here in our country. Out of all the fads that come and go with the food industry, waste reduction is by far one of the most beneficial ones.

The conflict against waste comes in many forms, from recycling to nose-to-tail utilization. But in the vegetable world, it’s called root-to-stem.

The reference is ambiguous since you can’t eat every root and there’s more to the plant above the ground than just the stem (ahem, the flower) but that’s not the point. The idea is to eat as much of the plant as possible. For most plants, if not all, every part of the plant is not only edible but nutritious.

Cali’flour Foods has embraced this concept, utilizing the entire head of cauliflower in every crust. This means stems, leaves, and the flower itself. Every nutritious morsel is included, to give the product a unique and delicious taste. This not only expands the nutritional profile, but it reduces the waste to next-to-nothing.

So,  next time you find a little green speck in your pizza crust, rest assured it was put there intentionally. In fact, Cali’flour foods would like to encourage everybody to embark on this root-to-stem endeavor and have a little fun in the kitchen getting creative. You never know what kind of health boosting foods you may have been throwing away all this time could do for your body and your wallet!


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