Cali'flour Father's Day Gift Guide

From cheesy jokes to the best hugs, dads are the superheroes of today. As Father’s Day approaches, it can be hard to express just how much you appreciate his strength and support. While patterned ties and gift cards are undoubtedly thoughtful and perfect last-minute options, why not go beyond the basic this year? After all, the dads in your life are anything but basic. Depending on his interests and personality, here are some out-of-the-box gifts that will surprise and delight (and don’t require a windsor or four-in-hand knot) this Father’s Day.

For the foodie or grill connoisseur

If his favorite season is grilling season and he appreciates nothing more than a perfectly cooked steak or barrel-aged craft beer (except his family, of course), these items will hit the spot.

Cali’flour Foods 6-Pack Bundle, $78

Because all of those grilled veggies and meats aren’t just for skewers. They also make perfect pizza toppings that will satisfy dad, along with the rest of the family.

No Reservations: Around the World on an Empty Stomach, by Anthony Bourdain, $55

As self-proclaimed food enthusiasts, we were endlessly inspired by Anthony Bourdain. Give dad this classic coffee table book from a culinary icon who will be greatly missed.

Sugarfina Pale Ale Pints, $8

What could be sweeter than pint-sized, beer-shaped gummies that dad can enjoy with his favorite brew after a long day? Cheers!

For the geeky and tech obsessed

Is dad’s best bud (other than you, of course) his Apple watch or Amazon Echo? Help his home, car, and life get even smarter with these sleek, high-tech gadgets.

Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Speaker, $63

Who says the pool or shower can’t be smart, too? This waterproof Bluetooth speaker (that’s about the size of a baseball) lets dad listen to his tunes poolside or while sudsing up.

Apple AirPods, $159

If his cords always get knotted in his briefcase or backpack, help him untangle his tech with AirPods. The cord-free, wireless headphones work for iPhones, iPads, Macs, or Apple Watches.

AncestryDNA Test, $69

What could be cooler than letting dad nerd out over his heritage? All it takes is a simple, at-home saliva test. (Best part? If you’re biologically related, you’ll learn something, too.)

For the outdoor or gym enthusiast

If your dad taught you how to do a bicep curl, light a campfire, set a hook, swim, or lace up your running shoes, foster his love for fitness and Mother Nature with the following.

Cali’flour Foods Logo T-Shirt, $16

Does he need a comfy, breathable tee for morning jogs or sweaty gym sessions? Our Cali’flour Foods t-shirt will have neighbors and fellow gym rats asking, “Where’d you get that?”

YETI Hopper BackFlip 24 Cooler, $300

It’s pricey, but it’s a stand-the-test-of-time gift from an iconic brand. This convenient cooler slash backpack keeps his snacks cool, even if his favorite fishing hole is miles into the forest.

Muir Ways National Park Map, $49-$259

Has dad been to every national park? These colorful maps are redesigned versions of the classic ones you receive at ranger stations. Purchase framed or unframed for him to place on his office or study wall.

For the book worm

Does dad love leaning back into that well-worn, leather armchair with the New York Times or latest Grisham legal thriller? Here are some reading materials to add to his night stand.

Pops, by Michael Chabon, $12

In his sweet, funny, and wise collection of essays, Chabon reflects on the meaning of fatherhood. He calls it, “fatherhood in pieces.” Perfect for a new dad or recent empty nester.

Letters to my Dad: Write Now, Read Later, Treasure Forever, by Lea Redmond, $13

Part letter, part book, part time capsule. By completing prompts like, “My favorite adventure with you…” you’ll create a handwritten letter collection for him to read and cherish. You can seal and postdate the letters for him read later, perhaps when he becomes a grandfather or retires.

The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, $87

May the force be with him — enough said.

For the stylish fashionista who loves self-care

We have to ask: Is it fashionista or fashionisto? No matter the word, here are a couple of ideas that will have him enjoying his morning, nighttime, and closet rituals even more.

Allbirds Men’s Tree Runners, $95

It wouldn’t be a gift guide without Allbirds, right? These sneakers have taken the world by storm and feel like walking on a cloud. Gift dad their latest edition to keep him trendy and comfy.

Waterpik WP-662 Aquarius Water Flosser, $49

We know our dad doesn’t have the best dental hygiene. (If yours does — kudos to him.) Either way, he’ll love this nifty water flosser to keep his grin forever boyish.

Brookstone Nap Robe, $50

Hey, house robes aren’t just for the ladies. Get dad his own so he can ditch the towel tied around his waist. NYMag writer David Schwartz describes the fabric as, “sewn from satin and angel skin.” We give you full permission to buy two.

We hope you find a way to celebrate the fatherly figures in your life, whether it's your biological dad, dog dad, best friend, teacher, or uncle. While fancy coolers, hip sneakers, and silky ties are nice-to-haves, we have a hunch the strong, compassionate men in your life will appreciate a card, call, or text message just as much.

Happy Father’s Day from all of us at Cali’flour Foods!

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