Bob and Kellie: Transformation is Better Together

We love hearing your transformations stories! Bob & Kellie have transformed more than their weight. Transformation is better together. Read more about how Bob and Kellie used Cali'flour in their regular eating routine to encourage health!


Kellie, my wife, is very sensitive to Gluten and Soy and she has been battling with trial and error for years to just find balance with the lifestyle. Two years ago I was pre-diabetic and had high cholesterol. I spent about nine months mentally preparing myself and doing research before we even started the Keto lifestyle. The timing is perfect for our Testimonial because our Ketoversary has just passed on January 6th! We have been full-blown Keto for a whole year! 

When our journey began my weight was 249.8lbs. I hit my goal weight of 190lbs this past September and I have kept my weight at or below my goal weight ever since! Kellie didn’t have a lot of weight to lose. She is now working on increasing her calorie intake because she does not want to lose anymore.

Four months ago I had my blood work done, I was so happy to see that all of my blood work came back at normal levels! Neither Kellie or myself had been on medications but we both just didn't feel good; our bodies felt sluggish, and we didn’t feel like our best versions of ourselves. Kellie's stomach issues have greatly reduced and my joints feel so much better since we started Keto, no more creaks! haha! The biggest thing that I notice about myself is that I don’t get heartburn nearly as often, if ever! I love spicy food and I would get heartburn almost every time I enjoyed my favorite food. Luckily, I can now enjoy spicy food and not have to worry about heartburn.

I placed my first order with Cali’flour Foods on June 17th 2018, before we even fully committed to our keto journey. While I was in the process of researching the Keto lifestyle, I came across a picture from Cali’flour Foods on Facebook, made my first purchase and the rest is history. We keep our crusts and flatbreads stocked in the freezer. I generally get the variety packs because I love the spicy ones but Kellie prefers the more traditional ones. We are huge fans of the crusts, I often share Cali’flour products with friends and even strangers on Facebook.


Kellie and I have pretty hectic lives so we generally have our simple go-to pizza favorites. Our typical pizza is pepperoni with jalapeños on my side and artichoke on Kellie's side. We decided on flatbread grilled ham and cheese tonight. Yum! I love looking at all of the recipes on the Cali’flour Foods' website, there’s so many options so we need to branch out and try some of them.

I grew up a very picky eater. I never would have thought that I could change my food lifestyle so drastically and stick with it. I always thought that when I reached my goal weight I would have a big cheat day and eat a bunch of my old favorites, especially a big bean and cheese burrito! haha! The truth is, I got there and realized that I have no desire to change anything. I am completely satisfied with how we eat and Cali'flour Foods has been a big part of that! So, Thank you!


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