We live in a world full of controversies that all too commonly result in a state of “more information needed”.  One of these mysterious health controversies is breast cancer and its relation to fat and glucose. What is that relationship? How can we reduce the likelihood of breast cancer with diet and lifestyle? In other words, what should we eat? Perhaps the better question is, what shouldn’t we eat?

There seems to be a line split directly down the center on the conversation about dietary fat intake and its influence on breast cancer. There are smart people ranging from researchers to doctors all over the web who are quick to point out a flaw or take a side. You either think fat is actually a good thing to consume for an anti-cancer diet, or you think it’s the culprit behind the cancer. Not many take this subject lightly, and for good reason!

Regardless, there is a correlation between stored fat and breast cancer. Unfortunately, there is no simple one-size-fits-all explanation for the reason behind this. Studies have shown that more stored fat in the breast tissue is directly correlated to a higher chance of breast cancer.

Why is that? 

Let us refer, momentarily, to the first line of this article and paraphrase with this: No one knows for sure! Studies are inconclusive and more research is needed to establish a yes or no. These things aren’t as simple as adding or subtracting one thing from the diet or increasing exercise. So many different factors have a part in the correlation. For example, many studies appear to show a correlation between a high-fat diet and an increase in breast cancer potential. However, upon further examination, many of these studies have not taken significant factors into consideration such as diet. It is simply not enough to have one group (experimental group) of participants eat more fat, without reporting what type or where it comes from, and have another group (control group) keep eating the same. What else were they eating? Where did it come from? Who had more McDonalds versus who ate more garden fresh greens? Often times, this type of approach ends with an inconclusive and lightly suggestive result. To be fair, it would be extremely difficult to monitor a large group of participants diets in great detail over the span of ten years. However, that doesn’t mean we jump to conclusions.

On either side.

So then what are we left with?

The simple stuff. The end results. In general, women who have a higher amount of fatty breast tissue as a result of being overweight will have a higher likelihood of getting breast cancer. We don’t know exactly why, but we do know that. 

Sometimes, the need to know why comes much later than the need to address the issue at hand. We are very passionate about health, and one of the biggest threats to a healthy life is cancer. We believe in a low-carb, high fat diet. Why? Because people lose weight and feel great eating this way. The keto lifestyle decreases fat and increases muscle. If eating this way decreases fatty breast tissue, what else can it potentially decrease?

You got it!

Sometimes, you can see results without consulting a scholarly article beforehand. Of course, this would be ideal if it were possible! The unfortunate truth is that there aren’t enough statistically relevant works on the relationship between ketogenic eating and any kind of cancer, let alone breast cancer.

Breast cancer month is all about awareness and raising funds to increase studies with the ultimate goal of eliminating this disease. Our hope is that we’ve raised your awareness not only on how serious the problem is, but what you can start doing about it now! Just being healthy and fit alone is a great start. 

Even though you don’t have to read every last scholarly article before making a decision on what side of the fence you stand on, you can start the journey to healthy. However, we always encourage you to talk with your doctor first about a low-carb lifestyle, especially if you are prone by genetics to suffer from breast cancer.

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