Amy’s Gestational Diabetes Story

I was 38 when I learned that I was pregnant with our third child.

While I was overjoyed with the surprise announcement, I wasn’t too excited about some of the pregnancy ups and downs—especially when it came to my health—that came with my final pregnancy. Can you say bladder control and extreme fatigue?!

Already a “high-risk pregnancy” at 38 with two small children to care for, this pregnancy hit me like a Mack truck.

Rounding out the second trimester, I went for the obligatory glucose test. If you’ve never had this, let me explain: it’s pretty much drinking orange flavored Elmer’s glue for an hour, all the while praying you don’t throw up.

I will spare you all of the details of the tests that followed, but I want you to know (If you’ve had/have it, you already know this), but gestational diabetes is not the result of eating too many sugary sweets treats.

I mean, let’s face it…I like to eat mint chocolate chip ice cream and Almond Joys as much as anyone else, but this myth has to be debunked. You should also know, that I didn’t eat those things in bulk and still don’t—everything in moderation, friend.

Nearly 20% of pregnant women get Gestational Diabetes. I wasn’t alone, and if you’ve had or have it, neither are you!

Gestational Diabetes occurs when your body doesn’t digest sugar properly, therefore making you insulin resistant.

While I had to inject my belly with insulin over the next several months, I followed a healthy diet—which is one of the best ways to support and control your Diabetes. Knowing how many, what kinds and when to consume carbs is the name of the game. And this is true for every type of Diabetes.

After Grant was born, (pictured above) my insulin levels returned to “normal” and  I no longer had Diabetes.

Since it is Diabetes Awareness Month, I wanted to share a little of my personal health journey with you with the hope that it helped and/or supported on your journey, too.

As always, we love hearing from our Cali’flour Family.

Do you have a story about your bout with Gestational Diabetes or do you have Diabetes Type 1 or Type 2? We hear so often how our products are helping those living with diabetes, and we want you to know we are here for you, too. Simply comment below!

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