Amanda Hawkins’ Gestational Diabetes Story

Pizza when you have gestational diabetes? Yes, please!  Learn how Amanda was able to enjoy pizza while she was pregnant. Cali'flour Foods' loves being a part of your story! Read Amanda's below! 

"I came across Cali’flour crusts years ago and first tried them just because they were so low calorie. They became a staple in my diet when I was battling gestational diabetes during my surrogacy journey!

I was presented with the opportunity to help some friends from Germany fulfill their dreams of becoming parents. What an adventure! I ended up helping two families totaling four surrogate babies - two singletons and one twin pregnancy. Surrogacy is a beautiful and special adventure but something about surrogacy always triggered gestational diabetes for me. I couldn't even eat a banana without my numbers skyrocketing.

I purchased the crusts in bulk and made at least one pizza a day! I even grew a basil plant just so I could have fresh basil on hand to make margherita pizzas. These crusts helped me maintain a healthy blood sugar level throughout my battle with gestational diabetes. I could eat a whole pizza without concern when it came to the Cali’flour crusts. Everyday for lunch I would make my pizza, mozzarella, basil and broccoli is my favorite! I’d eat half for lunch and the other half for dinner. Some days, especially with the twin pregnancy, I would end up eating the whole pizza at lunch and making another at dinner! I bought a deep freezer just to be able to store the crusts, and my sister even bought me a bulk order one Christmas.

I truly don't know what I would've eaten had it not been for the crusts. I would've been miserable! I never got tired of eating pizza but I did switch it up every now and then. I made chips, tortillas, and used the crusts in place of bread, but the daily pizza was always a thing!"

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