7 Ways to Use Flatbreads

Our flatbreads are one of our most versatile products. Like all of our products, the base of our flatbreads are 3 simple ingredients: fresh cauliflower, eggs, and mozzarella cheese. With only 3g net carbs and 50 calories, our flatbreads are the perfect substitute for bread, tortillas, and more! Here are 7 creative ways to cook with our flatbreads:  

1. Avocado Toast: Start your morning off right by topping our flatbreads with mashed avocado, spices, and sliced tomatoes. Even better, this traditional avocado toast is keto-friendly. If you’re looking for something spicier, try using our jalapeño flatbreads to make Pepperoni Avocado Flatbreads

2. Sandwich Thins: Don’t say goodbye to bread, say hello to flatbreads. Empty your fridge and use your favorite toppings, or try making this tasty Cubano Sandwich.

3. Pasta Shells: Yes, you read that correctly. These flatbreads can even become pasta shells in dishes like Cali’Manicotti. Stuffed with a ricotta and herb mix, drizzled with marinara sauce, you’ll forget all about pasta. 

4. Taco Shells: Oh boy do we have you covered when it comes to taco inspo. Missing fall flavors? Try these Fall Tacos With Apple Salsa. Or maybe you want to speed things up to summertime with these Chicken Tacos and Summer Time Salsa. If you’re a meat lover, go for these Pork Belly Tacos. Whatever you’re craving, we’ve got something for everyone.  

5. Hamburger Buns: Enjoy an American Classic! Traditional cheeseburgers are usually 390 calories and 31g of carbs. A Cali’flour, a cheeseburger is 340 calories and 8g carbs.

6. Hot Dog Buns: A flatbread and a hot dog… a love story. Go for the full hot dog, or try pigs in a blanket for an appetizer everyone will enjoy! 

7. Grilled Cheese: Simple and delicious. This Grilled Cheese only has 3 ingredients: flatbreads, cheese, and butter. Yum!

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