5 Food Trends Worth Talking About

Food is never going to get old, it seems. Alas, we cannot live without it! But what foods are good? And why are certain foods getting popular? We’ve put together an extended list of up and coming foods that are hitting the scene in a big way as a longer supplement to our previous article.


Bone Broth

If you’ve ever clicked on anything Paleo in your net surfing, you’ve probably alerted Google which then released a deluge of bone broth ads to fill your screens. This stuff is a big deal right now, and since it’s Paleo (which is still one of the most popular diets in the U.S. today) it’s getting quite the highlight. Why the resurgence?

Broth, also called stock, is one of the oldest meals known to humans. Visions of cold, snowy nights before television when Dickens was popular come to mind, huddled up in a wool blanket sipping on some broth to keep warm and nourished. Maybe that’s too romantic, but you can’t argue the longevity of broth’s history. 

We can blame Paleo, and good research, for this resurgence. Broth is a well-rounded meal, providing a great Paleo source and a substantial amount of nutrients. It contains essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus as well as amino acids and vitamins A,B,C,D, and K – to put it simply. The fact of the matter is that broth has so many good things in it that we’d need a whole blog dedicated to just this one food to really tell you all about it.

Speaking of broth, there is one element that is getting some extra special attention at the moment:



Collagen is a protein released from broth after long periods of heating, which is necessary to get broth in the first place anyway. All collagen is good for you, but bone broth collagen from beef is best. It is the most bioavailable from a beef broth, versus chicken or turkey.

Being the protein source of broth, collagen is getting the same kind of attention. It’s tasteless, which makes it versatile for cooking just about anything and it gives texture and elasticity to foods that need it (Paleo baked goods, namely). Basically, collagen is riding on the healthy heels of broth but gaining popularity because of its many uses.


Bulletproof Coffee

What can we say? If there’s a bandwagon for this one, we’re on it. Some things are popular because they’re branded well and look cool, other things are popular because they’re just plain valuable. Bulletproof, or more simply “buttered” coffee, fall into both categories.

Biohacking has become a big deal, and Dave Asprey’s popularization of buttered coffee laid the foundation. With the tides turning in favor of healthy fats, this fad took household status.

It’s not just the butter in the coffee that’s popular either. People are catching on to the idea of good quality coffee as a source of valuable nutrients. Since it’s the most popular beverage, only second to water, a lot of people are happy to hear the good news. However, there is some controversy because of the variances in quality of the cup. Asprey has made the idea of quality food a more popular notion rather than a general idea of foods. Hence the importance of organic, grass-fed butter and organic, high altitude, low or no mycotoxin coffee beans. Always read the fine print!


Exotic Herbs

With the exodus from fast foods has come the return to real home cooking. Thanks to the internet, we have more than grandma’s recipe index to turn to for great ideas. We can also get fresh herbs delivered straight to our door.

Sumac, a tangy spice that can substitute for lemon, is making some headway into the states. A Mediterranean herb that offers the benefit of gut comfort, Sumac is often used as a spice for fish, chicken, and stews or mixed into yogurts and cream cheese.

An unlikely “spice” that you may have noticed filling up the grocery aisle shelves is seaweed. High in minerals and vitamins, this plant is making savory desserts and soups hit the spotlight. Likely, the seaweed you’ve seen is in large flake form but the idea of using it as a spice that you can shake out like salt is catching on.



What would a Cali’flour blog be without an admirable mention? There has to be talk of cauliflower when discussing popular foods. It seems as though the cauliflower train is only gaining speed. Cauliflower creations are endless, and it only takes one glance through our blogs to see the many benefits.

What do you think will hit big this coming fall? Let us know! We’re always on the lookout for new and fun food trends and it’s never too early to start thinking about the next season.

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