2022 Cali'flour Giveaways

Commit to you in 2022.

The New Year is fast approaching and Cali’flour Foods is making it easier for you to achieve all your health goals. Starting 12/26, we’re kicking off a series of giveaways, called #CommitToYou to get you ready for the new year. It’s 4 days of amazing giveaways including a $100 Walmart gift card, a Lululemon gift card, Cali'flour products and more! You'll have to follow us on social each day to enter, but we're revealing all the goods below. Here's how it works:

1. Each day at 12:00am MST a new contest will go live.

2. We'll select the winners on 12/31 and you'll have until then to enter. 

It's that simple!

Below is the sneak peak for each giveaway. But, again, nothing is live until the day of the giveaway so you'll have to check back in daily if you're hoping to enter for something specific!

Good luck!


Lululemon Califlour Giveaway

1. Start your year off right with a $200 Lululemon Gift Card and our top-selling Crackers Variety Pack. Pick out your favorite workout gear, and enjoy a healthy snack afterwards! Get ready to hit it hard in January and start the year off right.   


Walmart Califlour Giveaway

2. Stock up on all your favorite Walmart finds! In addition to a $100 Walmart gift card, we’re sending ONE lucky winner 6 free VIP coupons to grab our keto-friendly Entrées and Pizza Crusts at a Walmart near them.  

KETO 101

Best Seller Califlour Giveaway

3. Have you set your 2022 goals? We're making it easier to stick to your new year's health goals by gifting you with this Best Sellers Bundle! These are fan favorite products that you'll be sure to love. One lucky winner will receive a 3 pack of our Italian Crust, a 24 pack of our Flatbreads, and a 3 pack variety of our new Keto Crackers. 


Whole Foods Califlour Giveaway

4. Top it, stuff it or stack it. Endless possibilities await with this giveaway. Grab 3-Pack Variety of our Crusts, plus a $100 gift card to Wholefoods. Start the New Year off right! Winner will be contacted via email only.

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